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2019 Halloween Shopping Guide to Planning Your Deals



Halloween shopping season for halloween costumes, decorations, candy, and more

October guarantees a few things: fall weather in full swing, spooky movie marathons, and tons of Halloween shopping. From costumes to candy and decorations, Halloween is hugely celebrated. But for such a big celebration, Halloween is short. Well, “short” relatively speaking – we’re talking about a solid month or less before the holiday season kicks in, and when it does it lasts for months!

Needless to say, you want to make the most of your Halloween without breaking your wallet. That’s why we put together this guide of amazing Halloween discounts for all your Halloween shopping needs. After all, the one thing you shouldn’t fear this season is missing out!

Halloween Costumes

Halloween costume shopping means finding halloween costumes for kids and for adults

Halloween Costumes are essential for many occasions, from Trick-r-Treating and Halloween parties to themed parades and fun nights out on the town. Kids and adults alike want to look their absolute best for the season, but costumes can add up fast on their own. Throw in some accessories and makeup and you could see your bank account empty faster than the elevator in The Shining.

The tough thing about shopping for Halloween costume discounts is that costumes are never more in-demand than they are during this season. Hefty discounts are scarce…if you’re not a savvy shopper. But you are a savvy shopper (you’re reading this blog post after all) so you know how to find spooktacular deals!

The main focus should be on cashback deals. Think long term when you’re making your purchase, not just the end dollar-off amount. If your costume costs $100 at multiple places, but one place offers 12% cashback on your purchase, where you purchase from is a no-brainer.

The next thing you should look for is any coupons that may feature a percent off your total purchase, or even offer free shipping. Some coupons may exclude costumes, but if accessories are still part of the deal you can save a decent chunk of change while keeping your costume looking amazing. And shipping costs can always add up, especially if you need rush-shipping because you didn’t jump on your costume right away, so always keep an eye out on any coupons that offer free shipping. Yes, it may not seem like much of a difference at first, but when you compare the saving directly you’ll find it adds up quick.

Halloween Costumes…for Your Pet

Yup, you read that right. You think kids and adults are the only ones who wear costumes? Think again. Your little furry buddies are ready to be all dressed up to join in on the season fun with a Halloween costume of their own. 

While dressing up your pet can be fun for parties, Instagram, or personal entertainment, costumes for your pet can be quite costly. Luckily, in addition to Halloween costume stores selling some pet costumes, many pet stores also stock up on costumes for cats and dogs. That means, in addition to deals you can find at Halloween stores, you can also take advantage of any coupons or cashback offers available at pet stores! Make sure you double-check the offers to ensure it doesn’t exclude seasonal items, but this can be a huge difference-maker in your Halloween pet costume shopping!

Halloween Decorations

Halloween shopping for Halloween decorations

The first thing any Halloween holiday shopper needs to know is that there are many places to get decorations, from department stores and craft supply stores, to specialty stores fitted exactly for the season. What you want will dictate the type of store you need – and the discounts you can find.

Department stores will have a nice blend of seasonal decorations (spider webs, colored lights, decorations to hang on your wall and windows), which means you’ll not only find these at a good price, you can probably find good deals and promotions running through the store from coupons to cashback.

Craft stores will be a little artsier. You may find some of the more accent or subtle Halloween decorations at stores like these. These are perfect for complimenting a bathroom or decorating a countertop, or if you want to keep things milder and give a good mix between fall and Halloween without going over the top of the spooky season vibes. The best part about craft store decorations is that you can also find a great mix of different decorations that you can compliment your own house with, rather than having to adjust to the traditional decorations you’re used to seeing. 

Of course, if you really want to do it up this Hallow’s Eve, Halloween specialty stores will offer a wide range of different decorations. Some will be in line with what you could find at your average department store, but the real excitement comes from things like stand up animatronic decorations, spooky soundtracks, strobe lights, fog machines – if you can find it in a haunted house attraction, you can probably find it at a Halloween specialty store. If you want to become a neighborhood legend, this should be your first start. 

The same rules apply to Halloween specialty stores as costume shopping (since you’ll often find both in the same place), so plan your discount strategy accordingly. Think long term, especially if you’re buying bigger purchases like animatronics, because you’ll be spending a good amount and the cashback will make a huge difference!

Halloween Candy

Honestly, you find it everywhere. Halloween stores, department stores, drug stores, grocery stores, heck even retail stores will have them. You probably don’t need us for this one.

Though, if we may offer one piece of advice: if you want to be the House of Legends, the House That was Promised, the beloved Full Bars House, buy bulk. 

Halloween Movies

IT Chapter 2 is one of many Halloween movies out this october

Whether you’re looking to stream or go to the movies, there’s always a good deal to be had. With movies like IT: Chapter 2 already playing and plenty of horror movies coming out in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to find something frightful to watch in theaters. However, if you want to stream there are countless options of movies available, from the scariest of scary to horror-comedy movies that even your kids can enjoy. 

The best move is to check what quick cashback you can get with these purchases, or if there are any coupons and promotions available to offset some of the cost, or even get a bargain with multiple movies.

For in theater options, Piggy and Fandango have plenty of offers available and check around the Piggy website for deals to get your home streaming experience going.

And Everything Else for Halloween!

Did we miss something essential? Are you looking for more deals and discounts on products and categories we didn’t even mention? Let us know! We’ll be doing spooky content for the month and are happy to answer any questions you have on how to get the best deals this Halloween season. And be sure to check out all the deals we have going on at Piggy, Halloween or otherwise!

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