Valentine’s, gentlemen, what do we know? Here are the facts. Third century, a gentlemen named Valentin apparently is martyred and buried on February 14th in Northern Italy. Two centuries later, he’s made a saint. In the 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer uses poetry and associates Valentine’s Day with Love. And then, in the 18th century, what we see starts to happen. People are giving each other love letters and gifts and we see the tradition start.

Those are the facts. Why does this matter? because Valentine’s Day is here to stay and you might as well crush this holiday and that’s what I got for you. Five gifts you can give her to make sure that you get lucky.

Gift Idea #1: Flowers

I know you’ve heard that one before, it sounds pretty obvious, but the question is, how are you giving the flowers? What’s the thought that’s going into them? Did you actually research and figure out which flowers are her favorite or did you just happen to grab something on the way home? One time I gave a gift of roses and actually had them wrapped in a really nice luxurious type of fabric. It’s just the small details, but it counts. Another one is you give somebody flowers and you can say, “you know I’m giving you these nine white roses because I remember the first time I met you that you just love the color of this type of rose, and nine roses signifies eternal love.” Now when you say that to a woman, it’s totally a different presentation than if you simply give the flowers.

Gift Idea #2: Personalized Jewelry

Show her you care by adding beautifully engraved initials or a heartfelt message with Things Remembered‘s collection of personalized women’s jewelry. Engraved lockets and birthstone rings are classic jewelry pieces she will treasure. From gifts for your bridesmaids to presents for Christmas, your words make any occasion memorable.

Gift Idea #3: Treat her to a spa or massage

The point here is that you want to get close. You want skin-on-skin contact and this is legitimate. If you don’t know the person too well, maybe this isn’t going to work. However for those that have been with your wife for a decade, make time because I know it’s very easy for you to go buy the certificate and say, “hey, here you go, honey.” What’s harder is to actually say, “I’m going to watch the kids. I’m going to stay with all of them. Go on and spend the afternoon pampering yourself” or better yet, “I got a babysitter or I got your parents to come in and they’re going to watch the kids for half the day. and we’re going to do this together.”

Gift Idea #4: A special dinner

This is cliche, but we’re going to change it up a bit. It’s going to be the dinner that’s all about her. You do this by paying attention to the small things. Let’s say you make sure to go to the restaurant beforehand. You know the waiter, you know the table, you have all of these reserved. You should know that it’s not overcrowded or that the food will be good. An experience that she will remember and you guys will be talking about in years to come. What if you eat out all the time? Then bring it at home. You can learn how to cook, present and put together a great dish. She will be blown away because she didn’t even know this side of you.

Gift Idea #5: Share a fun experience

Guys, have a shared fun experience with this person. I’m not talking about dinner and a movie. I’m talking about you two going go kart riding, or bungee jumping. It depends on how adventurous she is. I know a couple who have gone shooting or in some sort of target practice. Whether you’ve been with that person a decade, months or ten minutes, it doesn’t matter. What matters is they feel good around you.

At the end of the day what’s important is you let them know and feel that you care about them. For those last minute shopping, head over to, place your orders online and pick it up in store in about four hours. They have everything from jewelry and accessories to personalized snow globes and holiday ornaments. You know they have a gift for everyone. They are especially good with last minute gift buys. What’s sweeter is you can get 15-20% off on their personalized gifts plus free shipping

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