There are nearly endless benefits of coconut oil, and almost just as many studies to prove them. While some may think that it’s a passing health trend, coconut oil offers so much when it comes to healing properties and beauty benefits, that it’s certainly here to stay.

Of course, coconut oil can be pricey, especially when purchasing the highest quality, unrefined organic type that’s recommended for experiencing the highest level of benefits. If you’re on a budget, and even if you’re not, the best way to save is by downloading the Piggy browser extension. Available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox, it will automatically apply the appropriate coupons when you check out online. You might be surprised that you can even order it delivered through grocery stores like Safeway, providing convenience and cash savings at the same time. Sams Club and Vitacost are just a few of the other options.

No matter how you look at it, the benefits of coconut oil can make this oil one of the best values around, and even more so when utilizing the Piggy extension.

1. Reduces Inflammation

Coconut oil has been well-researched when it comes to its ability to reduce inflammation, in fact, even more effectively than common pharmaceutical medications, thanks to its high level of antioxidants. As inflammation has been shown in scientific research to be the root cause of many different types of diseases and illnesses, from arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer to arthritis, stroke, thyroid problems, chronic pain, and more, consuming high quality, unrefined coconut oil can play an important role in healing.

2. Weight Control

Having a difficult time maintaining a proper weight or losing those excess pounds? Coconut oil contains a substance called capric acid that’s been shown to provide significant benefits when to comes to helping the body burn fat for energy as well as improving thyroid functioning and reducing resting heart rate. Multiple studies have found that those who consume coconut oil regularly can reduce abdominal obesity. And, unlike diet pills, it doesn’t come with potentially harmful effects. Plus, it’s usually cheaper too, especially if you take advantage of Piggy.

3. Boosts the Immune System

The lauric acid in coconut oil is known to fight unhealthy bacteria and reduce candida. It contributes to a more hostile environment for viruses, which in turn aids in boosting the immune system. Made up of 50 percent lauric acid, which the body converts to monolaurin, this antiviral agent helps to battle viruses and pathogens like influenza, herpes, HIV and more.

4. Anti-Aging

Who doesn’t want to look younger, on the inside and out? Thanks to coconut oil’s high level of antioxidants that are known to decrease or prevent free radical damage, it may slow the aging process. The oil is significantly less than those pricey creams that are marketed to prevent or decrease wrinkles, although if you want to use them too, downloading that Piggy extension is really a must.

5. Improving Memory and Cognitive Function

The medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconut oil have been found to improve cognitive functioning in older people with memory problems. One study found that all participants experienced significant improvement in recall ability when consuming coconut oil compared to a placebo.

6. Healing Kidney and Urinary Tract Infections

The majority of kidney and urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by bacteria. Coconut oil naturally contains antibacterial activity. The MCFAs in the oil also work as a natural antibiotic to fight off bacteria and heal those painful conditions. UTIs are especially common, if you tend to get them, never overpay for coconut oil again to relieve it by allowing Piggy to automatically apply the very best deals, coupons and cash back options available on the Internet.

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