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7 Amazing Alternatives To Amazon



Did you know that 16 hours before America ever got a taste of the huge discounts and major deals that came with Amazon’s Prime Day, it was actually the Land of the Rising Sun that got first dibs on experiencing this made-up holiday? crashed because of the flurry of orders, something that the Amazon team was not expecting. This one event changed the landscape of Prime Day’s future success worldwide.

Fast forward to 2018 and Amazon Prime Day outperformed its sales in 2018 from 2017 by 74%! The internet juggernaut estimated it’s sales hit $4.19 Billion during the 36 Amazon Prime Day event. Making Amazon Prime Day in 2018 a  massive win for Amazon. While many of us are crazy about the discounts Amazon offers, listen up: Major retailers have been noticing Amazon’s success and taking note! As Amazon has been gobbling up the online market share of orders, other retailers have also been launching massive sales to win customers back before it’s too late. This means more and more opportunities to save and get cash back—such great news for consumers!

We’ve compiled a list of seven irresistible alternatives to Amazon that offer great savings, customer service, and free shipping. Happy shopping!

1. Groupon

Groupon is always teeming with unbelievable discounts, and their 80% Off clearance section has some of the trendiest products at the best prices to ever exist online. Shop for anything and everything for yourself, your home, your family, and even gifts for friends. Check out Groupon’s latest coupons and deals here. Top it offer Groupon offers some of the best travel deals on the web. When you combine this with the typical coupons and cashback offered through Piggy. You can get eveything from sandals to a vacation at an extremely low price.

2. Walmart

It’s no secret that Walmart is doing everything it can to take on its main rival. Free 2 Day Shipping over $35, low-price matching guarantees, and deep discounts on site to store shipping options—Walmart’s game plan is all about winning back that budget conscious consumer online. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this feud and shop for everything on that long list of yours! They will likely even do Price Matching if you feel you can get a better deal elsewhere.

3. Ebay

What can be better than the irresistible variety of deals available on eBay that covers practically anything and everything we need in our lives? I used to think of ebay as a used only online outlet store. However, in recent years that’s no longer true; ebay offers everything you want at usually incredibly low prices. Best of all, the shipping is almost always free with no minimum. I’ve bought so many random gadgets and books from ebay well under $5 and never paid for shipping once. I also love their mobile and desktop checkout experience. It’s very friction less and makes shopping online a breeze.


For the longest time, I have always been a huge fan of Zappos. It was simple, hassle-free, and usually more cost effective to shop there than anywhere else. Zappos was acquired by Amazon in 2009 and slowely and surely it seems prices became less competitive and more like the retail juggernaut itself. When I found, formerly Shoebuy, I was delighted. Their site is super user-friendly, always offers free shipping and returns and there is always a huge sale and/or coupons to use. There is no point in looking anywhere else, because this site has it all. seems to always have the lowest price and you can earn 9 percent cashback on every order with them using Piggy. With a family of 4, believe me I have saved a ton of money using this hassle free site.

5. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is always a fantastic alternative for all your clothing and home needs. Being a heavy promotional site and brand by nature, there is always a good coupon or sale to be had here. Up for a new wardrobe, or bedroom or kitchen set? With their Back 2 School sales kicking off now, items are deeply discounted. This isn’t just your everyday run of the mill, no name brands either. We are talking 70% off name brand clothing and shoes like Nike, Skechers, and more. To view a complete list of their coupons and deals, go here.

6. Macy’s

Brace yourselves, because Macy’s just made its Christmas season right smack in the middle of summer! Their current coupons and savings promotions will leave you speechless and your pockets full. Mind you, they’re not kidding when they advertised “great savings and deals.” You’ll be in awe of the discounts you’ll find, with many 50 percent to 75 percent off or more. This event ends very soon, take advantage of it while you can!

7. Saks 5th Avenue

Calling all luxury aficionados! Often offering a discount section of 65% off or more, the Saks 5th Avenue or  Saks Off 5th Avenue programs are always an excellent alternative. This particular program focuses on high-end luxury item closeouts. What does this mean for you? By buying your luxury goods from them vs Amazon, you will likely save 40 percent to 50 percent on every purchase. Plus, you no longer have to worry about whether or not the item you are buying is actually from the designer (as opposed to Amazon, which usually strings together multiple sellers for the same product so you never truly know if you are buying a legit item or not). When it comes to the luxury space, the Sak’s program is your best friend.


There surely is more to online shopping, and to life, than just Amazon. The coolest thing about these deals and discounts from other brands is, you’re guaranteed to save money on anything and everything—from topnotch brands and in their most authentic form, at that. Be a truly budget savvy shopper by getting out of your comfort zone and milking these sales offers for all they’re worth. We bet you’ll have such a blast! And your wallet will, no doubt, be very grateful to you not just now, but in the long run.

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1 Comment

  1. warren schwartz

    March 23, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    the nuts i bought sell at $5.95 per 16oz. bag .cvs yours $12for $12 a 25oz.bag a$3difference.

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