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7 Ways To Make Your Kids’ First Day Back At School More Special



The first day back in school doesn't have to be a stressful. It will be awesome when your kids are prepared and excited about the new experience.

The first day back at school doesn’t have to be stressful. It will be awesome when your kids are prepared and excited about the new experience.


The age-old ritual of returning to school is soon to begin again as fall approaches, and we at Piggy aim not just to give you the best deals and discounts when you go online shopping, but to arm you with foolproof ways to win in life during this time of the year as well… especially for that all important first day!

Here are seven hacks to make sure you get the most out of your budget as you nail the art of making your kids’ first day back at school an uber amazing experience:

School clothes

Dress up kids so they return to school in style. Shop with them in popular online stores where they can surf to find clothing specials that won’t pinch your pocketbook.

Healthy foods

Just as college kids like to start school with delicious food packages from home, your youngsters will feel better when they bring healthy lunches to school. You can get a variety of foods, like fruits and nuts, at online grocers, which feature back-to-school essentials.

School supplies

You’ll be satisfied when your kids have all the supplies they need to excel in class. From backpacks and notebooks to paper and pens, supplies can be found in your favorite online department stores.

Study resources

Boosting your learner’s success is easy when you buy books, encyclopedias, and dictionaries from online book stores. These resources help your kids build skills and stay ahead of the class.

Home study space

Work with your child to arrange and clean up a workspace at home. You can find furniture and cleaning supplies online. Then, surf to office-themed websites where you’ll find products to take care of back-to-school needs in a jiffy.

Home library

Keep study materials in your own home library for the kids. Also, stock up the library with online purchases that reflect your learner’s grade level.

Sleep help

It’s time to break summer habits of sleeping late. Help your child rise and shine early with an alarm clock. Other online purchases for getting a restful sleep may include covers, sheets, pillows, and blankets.


Most of all, get your kids involved with making back-to-school plans so they’ll really feel at ease about getting ready for the new year ahead. It will be various kinds of awesome when your kids are prepared and excited about this new experience!

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