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8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Room for Spring



Every so often, it helps to purge, declutter, clean, and revamp our homes for a fresh, new look. And what better time of the year to make a few changes to our interiors than in the spring?

In fact, after you’ve taken the time to do a little “spring cleaning,” consider taking it a step further and make a few decorative and style changes to your home.

More specifically, your living room could use a reevaluation about how it’s furnished and decorated.

Whether you simply rearrange things, simplify your decor, or completely replace all pieces with brand new ones, sprucing up your living space can give your home a renewed feel. And while this might sound like an expensive endeavor, it doesn’t have to be.

With all sorts of great deals both online and in stores, you can get yourself high-quality stylish pieces at a fraction of the price, helping you save money as you transform your home.

If revamping your interior is on your agenda this spring, here are a few tips to help you create a home you can be proud of and comfortable in.

1. Swap Accessories

While furniture serves as the base of interiors, accessories complete the space. Whether it’s wall art, vases, photo frames, or figurines, accessories play a key role in the look and feel of a home.

If your home’s accessories could use some updating, swapping them out for new ones can give a room a much-needed shift in personality. Here are some ideas to swap out your accessories:

  • Add a pop of color with simple products, such as glass vases
  • Reframe photos and artwork
  • Add new covers to throw pillows
  • Change window curtains
  • Swap out your area rug
  • Change the plants in your planters
  • Add new table lamps

Simple changes like these can really help to brighten up the tone of a living room and make a space look totally different, despite such a smile (and affordable) task.

2. Add Texture

Not only does color do wonders to breathe life to a living room and change its tone and mood, but so does texture. In fact, texture offers a great way to spruce up a living room.

There are plenty of ways to quickly, easily, and affordably add texture to your interior. Add chunky blankets with interesting textures that can be seen from up close or far away. Toss in some throw pillows with funky textures to cozy up to.

3. Add Throw Pillows

Your living room furniture obviously plays an important role in comfort and functionality, After all, what would a living room be without a sofa and loveseat? But as important as these main pieces are, they only serve as the base.

Your living room decor really isn’t complete without some pieces to spruce up your furniture, and that includes throw pillows.

When choosing your throw pillows, consider buying ones that feature a bold hue to give a pop of color to your interior. This is especially helpful if your living room is covered neutral in colors and patterns. Just the addition of throw pillows in vibrant hues and bold patterns can really brighten up a space.

And if you want to save some money, you can choose to purchase new throw covers to put over top of your old throw pillows. You can easily find them on in the online marketplace at places like eBay and Overstock. Create your account today and browse their online showrooms!

4. Add More Lighting

When it comes to interior decor, lighting is often overlooked. You might have fantastic furniture arrangement and accessories to deck out the place, but without adequate lighting, you’re losing out on the opportunity to showcase your home in its best light.

Even if you can’t install new lighting to be hardwired into your home, there are types of lighting that can be added on the cheap to help you keep more money in your wallet.

Layer your living room lighting with table lamps, pendant lamps, or battery-operated wall sconces to add both task lighting and ambient lighting. And to easily fill in voids in corners and other areas, floor lamps also work quite well.

5. Throw Down a Bright Rug

Area rugs have a unique ability to not only add some color and decor to a space, but also to define areas within a room. Rugs can be strategically placed to anchor furniture pieces and create areas within a room that serve specific purposes.

Whether your living room is currently lacking an area rug or desperately needs a replacement for the one it already has, you can purchase a new one and use an eBay discount code to save a ton of money in one single transaction.

6. Up the Greenery Factor in Your Home

Plants and flowers have a unique way of transforming the ambiance inside a home. Interior designers and homeowners are always looking for ways to bring the outdoors in, breathing life to an interior while adding a punch of color at the same time.

Just the simple addition of a plant or bouquet of flowers can instantly transform the look of an interior on a budget. And adding natural greenery to your home can provide many health benefits while making your space look better.

Add some green foliage to your home in a dramatic way, such as lining a bookcase with plants and watching spring bloom indoors. Or, get yourself a tabletop terrarium to help to create a sunny nook for you to spend time in to refresh and recharge. Plants and flowers can do wonders to the inside of a home.

7. Restyle Your Bookshelves

An easy tactic for changing the look of your living room is to revamp your bookshelves. If they’re currently cluttered with all sorts of different knick knacks, clear everything out and start anew. Reorganize these surfaces and consider cutting down on what’s already been out and rearrange what you decide to leave behind.

Bookshelves are highly versatile, and there’s not much that you can’t put on them. Choose pieces that bring out the vibe you’re after, and be careful not to over-clutter the space.

8. Try a New Paint Color

Perhaps the easiest way to revamp the look of an interior is by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. For a few bucks and with some elbow grease, you can give your living room an instant facelift. A new coat of paint can do wonders at changing up the look, feel, and style of an interior space.

You can purchase a couple of cans of paint for less than $50, but the savings won’t even compare to the magnitude of change that you can bring to your home.

Final Thoughts

Making decorative changes to your home in anticipation of spring doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. There are simple and affordable things you can do to spruce up your interior on a budget, while still making a huge difference to your home.

Consider any one of the above-mentioned ideas to spicing up your living space and start the warmer, sunnier spring season the right way!


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