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9 Ways To Enjoy Labor Day Like Never Before



Instantly save and earn cash back, all while conveniently planning priceless activities, trips, and outings.



Marking the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day is that last opportunity to pack it all in. This three-day weekend is the perfect time to try something new, regardless of your budget. It’s time to make some lasting memories, for a fraction of the cost!

As stated on Umbel, in association with AAA, approximately 34.7 million travelers journeyed at least 50 miles from home in 2014. With the top three expenditures being dining, shopping, and visiting with loved ones, there’s plenty of opportunity to make lasting memories without needing to spend a fortune.

With Piggy, the options are endless. We provide an opportunity to save, while accessing some great ideas for travel and weekend fun. When you can save 25 percent off Groupon getaways or 4 percent cash back from Bass Pro Shops, why look anywhere else?

Think outside the box but spend within your means this Labor Day…

1. Host a Backyard Cookout

With approximately 55 percent of American households barbecuing on this holiday weekend, you bet that you’ll be able to take advantage of a deal or two. When you can save 15 percent off of outdoor fire pits, in addition to 4 percent cash back and free shipping, why not jazz up your entertaining space?

2. Head on a Day Trip

Is there a nearby city you’ve always wanted to explore? What about a State Park or historic site? Whatever you’re in the mood for, a day trip can be action-packed and affordable. Prefer to stay the night? With 25 percent off TripAdvisor hotels, you’ll spend less money while getting more quality time.

3. Enjoy Outdoor Games

As the sun shines, enjoy each other’s company as you toss around an egg or two, play lawn twister, or giggle over a three-legged race. When you can save 15 percent on $100+ purchases at Kohl’s, you won’t think twice about getting everything you need at this one-stop shop.

4. Go Camping

Why not ‘rough it’ this Labor Day weekend? If you do not live close to any parks, your backyard is always a memorable option. Set up a tent, look up at the stores, and even make s’mores on the barbecue. Or, alternately, pack some Cookies by Design where you’ll get five percent cash back with every purchase… the emoji cookies are at 20% off, too, for every $50 purchase.

5. Head to a Sports Game or Concert

When was the last time you treated yourself to a full day out? Whether you’re into sports or music, there are always plenty of events happening on Labor Day weekend. Prefer to play sports yourself? Check out all of these great deals.

6. Learn Something New

Been dying to try fishing or spend some time creating artwork (save up to 75% on everything at!)? Why not step outside of your comfort zone to try something new and exciting? Nothing is more memorable than your first big catch or mural painting. The possibilities are endless!

7. Organize a “Staycation”

Plan a fun-filled weekend to explore your local area (Groupon offers a variety of exciting deals on many locations). One day, pack a picnic and head to a nearby park. The next, go check out that new neighborhood cafe. The idea is to find interesting places near you; treat it like a treasure hunt!

8. Satisfy Your Travel Itch

If you haven’t taken a mini-vacay in far too long, take advantage of Cheapoair’s flight deals. Some great destinations for Labor Day deals include Washington, Las Vegas, Toronto, Orlando, and New York City!

9. Go Apple Picking

Perfect for all ages, apple picking is a great activity to end the summer. Enjoy fresh apple crisp, hayrides, and corn husk mazes. It’s the perfect kickoff to fall, offering a unique activity that combines exercise, delicious food and, and family fun at pocket-friendly prices, thanks to the discounts over at Expedia.


Whatever you’re in the market for, a tent, a flight, or even a new outfit, you’ll find irresistible deals online at Piggy. Instantly save and earn cash back, all while conveniently planning priceless activities, trips, and outings.

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