A Complete Guide: The Best President’s Day Sales at Department Stores




Valentine’s Day isn’t the only special occasion coming up this month. February is also when President’s Day is celebrated across the nation. It’s on this day that Americans celebrate the life and achievements of George Washington, the first president of the United States of America.

Created in 1879, President’s Day is meant to honor and remember not only President Washington, but all past US presidents who have ever led this great nation, particularly the early leaders.

President’s Day usually falls on the third Monday of February, and this year, it will take place on Monday, February 18, 2019. In fact, this special day originally took place on Washington’s actual birthday, which is February 22. President’s Day marked the very first federal holiday, one that gave many Americans a day off from work.

Not only is President’s Day a great opportunity to remember the great Founding Fathers of our country, it’s also an excuse to have some fun and even do some shopping. After you’ve watched President’s Day parades or participated in your local community celebrations, this three-day holiday can also be spent shopping in your favorite stores.

In fact, this is the perfect time to get great deals on all sorts of products, like makeup, thanks to all the huge sales that usually take place on this holiday! So, how did President’s Day become synonymous with nationwide sales and shopping for discounts, and where can you find the best deals?

How Did President’s Day Become a Popular Day For Sales?

Just like most other holidays – including Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving – President’s Day has become just as much of a commercialized occasion as it is a time to celebrate our past presidents’ accomplishments. While there are certainly celebrations to be had on this special day, there are also plenty of sales to take advantage of too.

Stores go out of their way to advertise their President’s Day sales in an attempt to lure consumers who are looking for good deals. And it works, because this particular day tends to be a busy shopping day for all who are looking to pay a lot less than what original price tickets stipulate.

It may even be safe to say that President’s Day has been made popular by marketers just as much as the actual founders of the holiday.

So, how did President’s Day become such a popular time for shopping and sales? Perhaps the earliest President’s Day marketing campaigns came from Disney, who started advertising midweek trips to Disneyland in an effort to boost ticket sales on days that would otherwise be a little quieter at the park.

Holiday Inn took notice of Disney’s successful marketing campaigns and decided to launch one themselves. Their deal came in the form of a three-day weekend sale. If customers booked two nights on a weekend close to President’s Day, they would get the third night free.

Not long after that came Radio Shack, which started running its own newspaper ads in 1991. Consumers would flood into the store in hopes of being in time to snag some type of electronics at a steep discount before time ran out. Even today, consumers look forward to days like President’s Day to take advantage of big discounts off the next new technological gadget on the market.

Fast forward to present day, and mattress companies are typically the biggest marketers to offer deals on this special occasion. You’d be hard-pressed not to open a newspaper and see an ad for mattress and furniture sales. Given the expense of such items, even 10% off can translate into a few hundred dollars saved.

Since the early days of President’s Day marketing, sales have come to extend across just about all other consumer goods.

Tips to Shopping Strategically

Considering how busy shopping on President’s Day can be, it’s important that you go into your shopping spree with a game plan. Not only will you be fighting the crowds, but you could also be losing out on picking up the items you have on your wish list if hundreds of other shoppers have the same products on their minds.

To make sure you get the products you’re looking for at a steep discount, consider following these tips:

Get up early. You may have heard of shoppers lining up in front of stores in the wee hours of the morning (and sometimes even overnight). Well, you might want to adopt a similar strategy.

Getting up early and hitting the stores before most others have opened their eyes in the morning can help you take advantage of early bird specials that many stores tend to offer. In fact, such early bird specials have become somewhat of a tradition for President’s Day sales.

Don’t leave the house without a list. Before you head out in search of all the goods that you want, be sure to have a list in hand first. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for before you get to the store and take advantage of all the President’s Day sales out there.

Visit the stores before the dale of the sale. If you’re already familiar with the stores that you’ll be shopping at on President’s Day, then you’ll already know exactly where to look for the items on your list. But if this will be your first visit, it’s highly recommended that you check out the store before the big day in order for you to head straight for the goods on your list without wasting any time.

Bring an entourage with you. If your list of items is rather lengthy, you might want to enlist the help of friends and family to help you check off everything you’ve jotted down. Plus, there may be sales you’re not aware of, which some of your pals can fill you in on so you can receive even deeper savings on your spending spree.

You can even assign roles for each person, including having someone stand in the long lineups while another is tasked with finding all the best sales in the store.

Best President’s Day Deals to Watch Out For

With a seemingly endless array of discounted goods to buy on President’s Day, it might seem daunting to have to narrow down your focus. But on inventory big sale days like these, certain items are usually more deeply discounted than others, especially big-ticket items.

Here are a few of the best deals to watch out for on Presidents Day.


Technology is always a huge category during President’s Day sales, and will likely be one of the more popular items to shop for on days like these. Considering how expensive these gadgets tend to be, even a small fraction off the original price can mean a few hundred dollars (or more) saved.

Here are a couple of the best spots to look out for deals on technology:

Best Buy: From small gadgets like headphones to bigger electronic products like televisions and stereo systems, Best Buy is one of the hottest places to stock up on all things technological. Not only can you save money thanks to the deals that Best Buy is already advertising, you can also slash even more off the price by going in armed with a coupon in hand.

Enjoy 20% off select small kitchen appliances, up to $100 on select laptops, and up to $200 on select TVs when you use coupon codes.

Lenovo: There are plenty of other electronics stores to shop at on President’s Day, including Lenovo. Slash as much as 75% off bestsellers from Lenovo, including ThinkPad laptops and Legion gaming PCs. And you can save even more if you trade in your gently used electronics for a Lenovo gift card that can be used to buy anything in Lenovo stores.

Home Goods

There are so many different items that you can fill your home with, most of which are pretty expensive. From furniture to kitchen appliances, to home entertainment systems, the list of items you need to make your home comfortable and functional is plentiful.

That’s precisely why many consumers keep their eye out for sales on home goods. The beginning of the year is always a good time to do some refreshing in the home, and replacing or updating items in the home can be done at a fraction of the price compared to shopping at other times of the year.

If you’ve had your eye on certain items, now might be a great time to buy them. More specifically, keep a watch out for President’s Day sale advertisements of home goods. The good news is that are so many different stores out there that cater specifically to items for the home, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

That said, there are certain stores that are known for putting on some great sales, including on President’s Day. Here are some of the stores to look out for:

Best Buy: Again, Best Buy makes the list, and this time it’s for home goods. While this store might be better known for all of its electronics and entertainment systems, it also supplies many important products for the home. More specifically, Best Buy is where you can shop for all of your home’s appliances, both large and small.

We all know how incredibly expensive appliances can be, which makes shopping on special sales events a great way to save a lot of money. And the higher-end brand names tend to be more expensive. But if you time your shopping right and go in armed with coupons, you can realistically save hundreds of dollars off your purchases, if not more.

Right now, you can take 35% off select refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and more with coupon codes.

Macy’s: This popular department store offers consumers a one-stop shop for everything they need, both in terms of personal goods and things for the home. While many people shop at Macy’s for their apparel and cosmetics, many others also head straight to this store for their small appliances.

In fact, more and more people are even shopping online with Macy’s, and rightfully so. While the selection in-store is already vast, online options are even more abundant.

Shoppers can use the online showroom and choose their goods right from the comfort of their homes. And with Macy’s coupon codes, shoppers can enjoy significant savings on their purchases.

If you’re looking for any small appliances, dishware, linens, or for decor your home, Macy’s makes a good place to shop. With a coupon code in hand, you can take an additional 30% off select Cuisinart products at Macy’s. Shop online and save!

Sears: Since 1886, Sears has catered to shoppers looking for items both for the home and for personal use and consumption. But it looks as if Sears’ time is almost up.

If there was a good time to shop at Sears, it would be right now. The long-standing department store is experiencing financial difficulties and is even on its way to bankruptcy. While this might a bad thing for the store and all its employees, it’s a good thing for shoppers.

Right now, there are plenty of sales going on at Sears for consumers to take advantage of. You can realistically outfit your entire home with all the products that Sears has to offer, including furniture, appliances, bathroom items, decor, and artwork.

Download this coupon code to take advantage of 40% off select home appliances at Sears.

Target: Everyone loves Target, and for good reason. It provides a pleasant shopping experience for consumers, particularly because it offers everything that consumers typically look for on their shopping adventures.

These days, it’s easy to shop for things for the home, as well as for clothing and even groceries, all in one spot. And let’s not forget about the tempting mini-sale section that’s often found at the front of the store!

The thing is, it’s easy to spend a pretty penny at Target, not necessarily because of how expensive their products are (because they’re not), but because of how tempting and easy it can be to fill up a cart full of products. While many of these things might be necessities, others often aren’t.

But you can avoid spending too much when you shop for home goods at Target, not only by being more conscious of what you’re throwing into your cart, but also by using coupons and codes that you can find on places like JoinPiggy.com. Right now, you can use Target coupon codes to take 30% off home items.

Amazon: Perhaps everyone’s favorite place to shop online is Amazon. The e-commerce giant not only offers just about everything under the sun for purchase, but it also offers extremely convenient shipping programs. And if you’re a Prime member, you can literally get your hands on whatever you ordered on the same day.

If you can’t find something on your wishlist in-store, odds are you’ll be able to find it on Amazon. If there’s something that your home is missing right now, you can probably find it on Amazon. Shopping on this website is as easy as it gets. All products are categorized accordingly, making it incredibly easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Download a coupon code for Amazon and take 20% off the price of select home items.

Wayfair: Another online shop that has been gaining plenty of traction in the e-commerce realm and becoming extremely popular among consumers is Wayfair. The company’s slogan – “Wayfair, you’ve got just what I need” – couldn’t be more true. When it comes to home goods, Wayfair has exactly what you need, when you need it.

And not only does it carry just about every type of product you could need to furnish your home, it carries unique items that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s definitely not your average cookie-cutter type of home goods store. As such, your home won’t look so cookie cutter either!

Use a Wayfair coupon to take an additional 70% off categories including patio furniture, bedding, wall art, storage, and more!

Houzz: Who knew that you can actually shop for home goods at Houzz? This popular website is known among homeowners for its valuable content. Many people use Houzz to gain some inspiration on how to decorate or remodel their homes. But in addition to all this information, Houzz is also a resource to shop for things your home needs.

Right now you can score 80% off kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and other items when you shop at Houzz with downloadable coupon codes.


When it comes to shopping, clothing always seems to take center stage. Sure, clothing isn’t exactly as expensive as appliances or electronics, but if you plan to get your hands on designer brands, you could be spending a pretty penny.

In fact, it’s not hard to spend just as much on a pair of designer shoes or jacket as you would on a refrigerator!

That’s why sales events are always on consumers’ radars. Waiting for these days to shop can save you a ton of cash. If you’ve got some willpower and patience to wait for special sales days like President’s Day, then you can realistically keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket that would have otherwise been spent on clothing and other goods.

In fact, 41% of all President’s Day deals in 2018 were on clothing sales. With so many deals to be had in the apparel department, it’s important to keep your eye out for discounts on big-ticket items on clothing, shoes, and accessories. So which stores in particular should you look for sales this coming President’s Day?

Anthropologie: Easily one of the more trendy and popular stores out there – especially among millennials and Generation Xers – Anthropologie is every woman’s dream store. It’s not just a place to shop for clothes and accessories, it’s a place that you want to move into and be part of. Anthropologie truly is a lifestyle hub that you just want to immerse yourself in all day.

But as popular as it might be, it can also be pretty pricey. You can easily drop a few hundred bucks shopping in this clothing and accessories store, so waiting for sales events and hitting the checkout counter with a coupon in hand is the best way to shop here.

How does getting 40% all sale items at Anthropologie sound to you? According to Good Housekeeping, Anthropologie is expected to offer this discount during President’s Day. Go crazy!

The GAP: A classic clothing store that’s known for high-quality and trendy-yet-classic accessible design, The GAP is a store that anyone can shop in. It’s been around for a while and has stood the test of time, for good reason. Their designs are always on trend yet can always be added to your collection of classic styles to be paired with just about anything.

But while The GAP may have started out as a relatively average-priced clothing store, their prices have seemed to inch up over the years. These days, it’s pretty tough to walk out of that store without spending less than $100. Certainly, their prices are reflecting their popularity, as The GAP seems to have solidified its position in the world of apparel and isn’t going anywhere.

If you want to take advantage of their great style and high quality without breaking the bank, keep your eye out for sales this President’s Day. And while you’re at it, make sure you use a coupon for 50% off everything sitewide!


There could be all sorts of reasons why you might be looking for a new mattress for your home. Maybe the mattress you have right now creaks every time you move, which wakes both you and your partner up. Or maybe the coils in your current mattress are starting to dig into your back, making for an uncomfortable rest. Or perhaps your mattress is sinking in where you usually sleep.

Whatever the reason, a new mattress might be on the agenda, and President’s Day is the perfect time to get yourself a new one at a great price. And considering the fact that we spend as much as 35% of our lives sleeping, picking out a high-quality mattress that meets your needs and budget is important.

Mattresses are always one of the most popular items on President’s Day. As we’ve already mentioned, mattresses tend to top the list in terms of the types of goods that you’ll typically see on special holiday sales events. For this reason, you’ll definitely want to wait to get that new nice mattress you’ve been wanting (and desperately needing) until the sales start happening.

Considering how expensive mattresses usually are, any sale will be a welcomed event.

But before you head out in search of a new mattress, be sure to do a little research on the types of mattresses out there first. So which mattress brands should you consider?

Serta: You’ll have plenty of options to choose from with the Serta brand of mattresses, with traditional and luxury mattresses available both from big-box retailers or online.

Queen-size mattresses can be as low as a few hundred dollars to as high as $2,799. You can take advantage of free delivery when you shop online, as well as a 120-night trial.

Tempur-Pedic: This brand of mattresses is quite popular and offers luxury memory foam cooling mattresses in various comfort levels. They typically come with a 10-year warranty and even a 90-night trial so you can test it out before committing to it for the long haul. Prices for queen-size mattresses start at $1,799, with any other add-ons available for extra.

Simmons: Get yourself a traditional or luxury mattress from Simmons for a price tag of anywhere between $500 to $2,099 for a queen-size mattress. Buy yours in-store or online and take advantage of a 10-year warranty. The trials and shipping fees are determined by each individual retailer.  

Select Comfort – Sleep Number: This brand has been around for the long haul, making it a rather reliable and trustworthy mattress brand to consider.

Its unique premise of assigning numbers to every customer allows users to customize the feel and comfort level of their mattress. Consumers also have the option to finance their purchase, especially considering how potentially expensive these types of mattresses can be.

Saatva Mattress: This is a great mattress brand for consumers who are looking for something a little more affordable than many of the other mattress brands out there. If you’re a bargain shopper on a budget, this brand may be one to consider.

Saatva Mattress manufactures mattresses that are both made on US soil and are environmentally-friendly, which many eco-conscious consumers might find attractive.  

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds: The ability to adjust the configuration of mattresses might be something that many consumers might find very attractive, especially for those who use their mattresses for a lot more than just sleeping.

Those who like to read a book or watch TV in bed might find the ability to be propped up or have their legs elevated much more comfortable. Craftmatic offers a lifetime warranty and a 30-day in-home trial for their mattresses. The average price for a queen-size mattress usually hovers around the $2,000 mark.

So, what are some of the stores that you should look out for on President’s Day to take advantage of big mattress sales? Here are just a few:

Wayfair: We’ve already discussed why Wayfair is a great place to shop for all of your home’s furniture and decor. But Wayfair even offers mattresses to help complete your home’s furniture collection. Shop today and save up to 70% on select mattresses on Wayfair.com.

Sam’s Club: This members-only store has everything you need for your home, including mattresses. While it may require a membership for you to be able to shop there, the small membership fee is well worth the savings that you’ll enjoy.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find items at other stores that are more affordable than at Sam’s Club, especially when you factor in the brand names and high-quality items that you’ll get at this particular store.

This store is based on the premise of buying in bulk in order to save. But there are plenty of items that you don’t have to buy more than one of in order to realize significant savings, and mattresses are one of them. Sam’s Club offers all sorts of different mattress brands. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for in-store, your best bet is to look online.

Choose from any number of mattress brands, sizes, and types, and save up to $300 on top mattresses at Sam’s Club with a coupon code.

What Are the Top Stores to Shop at on President’s Day?

We’ve talked about a lot of stores in this article, but which stores deserve the most attention when shopping for the best prices on President’s Day?

Bed, Bath and Beyond: When it comes to shopping for the home, Bed Bath and Beyond has exactly what you need. This place is synonymous with home goods, so it’s an automatic choice for shoppers who are looking for new items for their home.

The selection is vast, making shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond a pleasure. There’s no need to search all over the place for what you need in different stores when all you need is conveniently located in one spot.

If you’re looking for the best deals on all home supplies, Bed Bath and Beyond has hundreds of deals for you to choose from. There are all sorts of deals on mattresses, pillows, kitchen supplies, cleaning products, beauty supplies, and many other home goods you might need.

And not only is their selection tough to beat, so are their deals. More specifically, their President’s Day sales are usually top notch. This year, you can save as much as $300 on mattresses and up to 60% off bedding! Check out their flyer and start making your shopping list of all the things you need to outfit your home while saving a bundle.

Kohls: Saving money at Kohl’s is easy thanks to all the perks that the store offers their valued shoppers. From amazing savings for the whole family to a convenient shopping experience in-store and online, consumers can enjoy shopping at Kohl’s in many different ways.

For starters, it helps to check out Kohl’s President’s Day flyer before the big day arrives. That way you can get an idea of what might pique your interests so you can add it to your list. You might also want to sign up for Kohl’s Rewards program where you can earn one point for every dollar spent, as well as a $5 reward for every 100 points you earn.

You can also earn Kohl’s rewards by signing up for a Kohl’s charge card. Plus, you can experience further savings by using a Kohl’s promo code when you shop.

You’ll even earn some bonus points right away just for signing up. And to make shoes at Kohl’s even easier, you can download their app and keep tabs on all offers while you shop. If you’re a rewards member, you can get additional rewards points just for downloading the app.

Kohl’s is also known for their no-hassle return policy. If you’re not satisfied with your goods for whatever reason, you can return them, even if you don’t have the receipt! Even online orders can be easily returned if you change your mind. Just bring the products you ordered online to a nearby Kohl’s store and have your purchase returned on the spot.

Macy’s: Macy’s has everything that you need on sale this President’s Day holiday. This popular department store is known to extend the love with extra discount days, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on sales.

From clothing deals to deals on home products, to sales on skin care and entertainment, Macy’s is known for their awesome discounts on special sales events. And with Macy’s coupon codes, the savings can be even bigger.

JCPenney: JCPenney is having great sales on things such as furniture, bedding, home decor, appliances, clothing and shoes from top brands. Keep your local JCPenney store on your radar this President’s Day, especially with the selection and all the sales to be had.

Overstock: There are a lot of sales happening this coming President’s Day, including discounts on rugs; living room, bedroom, and dining furniture; home decor; and kitchen and dining sets.

Enjoy Big Savings at Your Favorite Stores This President’s Day!

If you love to shop but don’t like spending more than you have to, you’re in luck. With President’s Day fast approaching and all the big-name stores gearing up for one of the biggest sales events of the year, there are plenty of deals for you to enjoy.

Make a list of everything you need (or want!), scope out all the places you want to shop, check out their President’s Day flyers, and download any available coupon codes so you can slash off a good chunk of change on all your purchases. Happy shopping!  

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