Your BFF the bride will be over the moon with your sweetness!
Your BFF the bride will be over the moon with your sweetness!


Your best friend just broke the news of her engagement. Wow! She also broke the news that she’d like YOU to arrange her bachelorette party. Great! There’s only one small problem — she wants you to make it as easy on the budget as possible. Oh.

If that “wow” has turned into a “how,” don’t worry. We have some great tips to help you throw the best bachelorette party ever while earning yourself some serious bridesmaid kudos.

Choosing a Theme on a Budget

No bachelorette party is truly complete without a theme. However, themed outfits can come at a price and can really blow your budget and everybody else’s out of the water. If you want to ensure everybody stands out without spending a small fortune, accessories like these cute bachelorette crowns from Kmart are perfect, and will net you 1% cash back when you use Piggy. If you really have your mind set on a particular theme, opt for one that involves more affordable accessories. For example, these beautiful Hawaiian leis from Sears are perfect for a summer theme. They add a gorgeous pop of color, won’t break the bank and will get you 2% in cash back when you order through Piggy.

Staying In — The New Going Out

Can’t quite stretch to a big night on the town? Invite the girls over instead. A few girlie movies, some homemade cocktails, and plenty of laughter might be all you need. This cocktail shaker mason jar from Target is perfect for shaking up the perfect martini or cosmo. It’s a fantastic bargain and can net you 1% cash back. Turning it into a sleepover is also a great excuse to break out the pajamas and bring on the nostalgia. Another bonus: No need to assign a designated driver. Cheers!

Skip the Expensive Add-Ons

Bachelorette parties can be expensive, and this extra expense usually comes in the form of carefully coordinated separates. Do all of you really need to wear matching t-shirts, flip-flops, and personalized baseball caps? And does everybody really need to buy an expensive gift for the bride? If you’d love a coordinated theme without the high cost, why not choose a pretty ‘bachelorette’ sash instead? Order these sashes from Target for the entire party and net yourself 1% cash back in the process.

Get Your Game On

Whether painting the town red or planning a night in, one of the most important aspects is a great selection of games. Why not get extra creative and plan a scavenger hunt for the bride-to-be? You can have some real fun with the clues and even make the groom the final prize, if he’s willing to be involved. Fun games are also a great accompaniment for cocktail hour and are sure to get your party started just right. Whether the games are being played in the living room or the party hotspot in town, games like this one from Walmart will get your party started right and will get you 2% in cash back when you shop with Piggy.

These tips should give you a great head start when planning a bachelorette party to remember, with a price tag that won’t make you wince. Don’t forget, there’s a certain little Piggy that will make your trip to market for accessories and party essentials that much easier. *wink*

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