5 Back to School Car Care Tips




Back-to-school time is closer than you think! If you’re a student then soon enough you’ll be waking up at the crack of dawn to head off to school, and if you’re a parent then you’ll be carting the kids to school or driving them to all of their extracurricular activities before you know it. Getting your car prepped for back to school is just one of the many things you should do before officially ending summer break. But, you may be putting off your back to school car care because you’re worried that minor tune up or your car’s normal maintenance will put you over your back to school budget.

We may not be able to make the drive shorter or your school schedule less hectic, but if you shop with Piggy, you can definitely save money in the long-run with our expert back to school car care tips!

1. Change Your Oil Filter

oil change

This is not only good for your car, it is one of the easiest ways to improve your car’s gas mileage! Fresh oil will help the most important parts of your car run smoothly, including your engine, so don’t skip out on your regular oil changes.

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2. Get Your Tire Pressure Checked

flat tire

While you should be checking your tire pressure on a weekly basis, it’s easy to forget to do it when you’re busy driving from place to place. However, low tire pressure increases the rolling resistance on your tires when you drive, which means you’ll quickly use up your back to school gas budget. A professional tire checkup will get your tire pressure back up to manufacturer standards and ensure you aren’t spending too much on gas.

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3. Buy Low-Rolling Resistance Tires

new tire

Did you know that most manufacturers make low-rolling resistance tires? If you really want to see a noticeable increase in miles per gallon and reduce your back to school gas spending, investing in these more efficient tire options is a great way to kick off your back to school car care. 

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4. Change Your Air Filter


Your air filter serves as a protective shield for your engine, stopping harmful dust and pollution from getting inside of it. If your air filter is damaged or just plain worn-out, it can’t perform this vital function and your car will be less efficient because of it.

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5. Put in New Spark Plugs

spark plugs

If your spark plugs have more than 30,000 miles of wear and tear on them, it’s time to change them. You’ll see a positive increase in fuel economy and reduce the amount of harmful emissions your car passes into the environment as soon as you change your spark plugs.

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student driver

It’s Time to Put These Back to School Car Care Tips to Use!

We know you want to be smart with your money, but you also need to get your car in tip-top shape for back to school. Shop online with the Piggy Chrome Extension to make sure you can kill two birds with one stone and complete your back to school car care in the most convenient way possible.

Get Ready for Back to School with Piggy

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