The Best Back to School Hacks Every Parent Needs




Saying goodbye to summer break and getting ready for the new school year can be tough. You might have to juggle multiple pick-up and drop-off times, school locations, and a ton of extra curricular activity schedules, all while keeping your kids upbeat and excited about going back to school. Moms everywhere dread the first few days they have to drag their kids out of bed for school, and parents around the world face the same challenges as their kids go back to school. And this is all after the back to school shopping leading up to the big day, which can bring in a level of financial stress no one wants to deal with, whether you’re buying school supplies or trying to find outfits your kids feel confident in.

Luckily, we compiled a list of back to school hacks just for parents, to help turn the stress of going back to school into an exciting, fun time of year.

1. Plan Lunches (and Snacks!) Ahead

lunch box

The last thing you want is for your kid to be hangry when they head back to school! When you need to manage lunch and snacks for your kids again on a daily basis, you’ll stay more sane if you start to plan their daily food options ahead of time. Buying ahead will also help you to make sure you can pack healthy, appealing lunches to support their healthy brain development! One of the best parts about this back to school hack is the fact that most stores offer online ordering options, so you don’t even have to run to the store or worry about picking things up at the last minute.

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2. Bargain Shop

discounted goods

Why pay full price for clothes your kids will outgrow in a matter of weeks? If you’re trying to save on back to school shopping, don’t worry because Piggy can help you not only save money but also earn cash back. You can save on back to school shopping at Macy’s, Kohls, Target, and loads of other stores with the Piggy Chrome Extension.

3. Label Everything

school supplies

Let’s be honest, kids lose things; it’s almost inevitable. Instead of worrying about when it will happen and what will go missing, be proactive about this back to school life hack and take the time to label everything. Make sure your kids backpacks, lunch bags, thermoses, and any other school supplies have a label with your child’s name on them.

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4. Take the Kids Shopping

family shopping

In the last few weeks before school starts, bring the kids along on your back to school shopping trips. They can help you pick out their backpacks, lunch bags, and other accessories, and it will keep them engaged in the preparation process. Plus, when your kids get to pick out things that excite them about their upcoming first day, they’ll feel positive about the transition rather than nervous or filled with dread.

If you’re worried about taking your kids to the store during back to school season, then consider asking them to choose school supplies from a store’s website. Read our tips for buying cheap school supplies online to help you choose the best stores.

5. Get Organized



If you haven’t picked up on it yet, one of the most important back to school hacks you could possibly take to heart is getting organized! When you have multiple kids who need to get to different schools on a set schedule, it pays to get organized. This might sound like overkill, but don’t be ashamed if you think you need to do a dry run ahead of time to make sure you can manage the time schedule without too much stress on that all-important first day. No child (or parent) wants to be late to their first day of school, or any day for that matter.

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Repeat After Us: You Can Do This!

Just remember that every parent (and student) is in the same boat as you, and no one is perfect. We’ve created these back to school life hacks because everyone could use some help dealing with back to school season, not just you! With these back to school hacks in mind, you’ll be on your way to an easier transition back to school this year. Take a deep breath, download the Piggy Chrome Extension, and follow these back to school shopping hacks!

Do you have more back to school hacks to share with other parents who are struggling? Share them with us in the comments below!

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