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Be the Best Boss Ever: Employee Appreciation Gifts on a Budget



Everyone likes to be appreciated, and that includes employees. Even though workers are being paid to perform at work, it’s still nice for them to get some extra recognition for the work being done, especially when they go above and beyond what they’re called to do.

In fact, workplaces that celebrate the accolades of staff enjoy a more positive and productive workplace. Employees tend to be more engaged and feel more satisfied at work, which helps to keep employee retention rates and productivity levels high.

There are plenty of ways that leaders can show their appreciation to employees at the office, and buying gifts is one of them. After all, who doesn’t love to get a gift from time to time? As a leader at work, you likely exhibit a certain amount of care and enthusiasm for your own job, so why not show your appreciation to your valued employees too?

And with Employee Appreciation Day coming up on March 1st, now is the perfect opportunity to do so. With a little thought and effort, you can offer your employees a card or gift that they’ll truly appreciate and love on this special occasion.

We’ve listed a few ideas and tips to help make shopping for appreciation presents on a budget a breeze.

Gifts That Can Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Always try to pay attention to the needs of your employees. Doing so can help you come up with great gift ideas that can make their time spent in the office more enjoyable and even more productive.

For example, have you been hearing any whispers that the chairs should be replaced with something more ergonomic? Are they looking for more greenery in the office? Or would they appreciate additional mileage for their company vehicles?

Whatever their specific needs are, they’ve most likely been discussing it amongst themselves. While some requests might seem over-the-top, others might make sense. If you’ve been made aware of the desire for certain types of items that have to do with heightened productivity, you may want to seriously consider this idea.

To make sure to stay within your budget when shopping for products like these, consider signing up for a rewards program at your favorite department store. With each purchase you make, you can collect points that can then be applied to any of your purchases, including products that are already on sale!

Branded Gifts

There’s nothing wrong with offering gifts that clearly brand your company (as long as it doesn’t look like branding is your main goal). Employees typically enjoy receiving items that they would use on a regular basis. Things like Bluetooth speakers , blankets , towels, and wireless earbuds that are branded with your company logo are useful gifts that your employees will likely appreciate.

You can literally take any regular product and transform it into something special by branding it. The key is to choose specific items that would offer a positive and lasting impact on the lives of your employees.

The great thing about items like these is that you can easily find them on sale at department stores like JCPenney. And with a JCPenney coupon in hand, your savings can be even deeper.

Coffee-Themed Gifts

You’d be hard-pressed not to find someone who doesn’t crave their daily cup of joe every morning. People love their coffee, and anything you can do to help them enjoy their coffee even more would likely be a welcomed gift to receive.

There are plenty of options in this department, so finding the right caffeine-related gift should be easy. You can do something as simple as coffee mugs, tumblers, or containers of premium coffee blends. Or you can be more elaborate and go with a coffee bean roaster, grinder, or even a coffee maker.

Regardless, these are all gifts that the coffee lovers in your office will surely appreciate. Plus, they’re useful items purchased that will certainly not go to waste.

Unique Gifts For Your Employees

While there are plenty of tangible gifts that you can buy at a department store to shower your employees with and make them feel valued and appreciated, there are other ways to show how you feel about your staff.

Consider gifting your staff with things such as a half day off work for them to spend doing something other than reporting for duty, or even a catered meal so they don’t have to spend time worrying about bringing in their lunch one day. Or, make a donation in their names to a charity organization that they hold dear to their hearts.

You might even want to extend an invitation to a company event. Including employees in events that they would not normally be a part of can make them feel valued. You could even spend half a day volunteering somewhere while representing the company at the same time. Workers typically enjoy anything that has to do with company culture, and involving them can do wonders for morale.

Show Your Appreciation For Your Employee With Awesome Gifts

Buying gifts for employees can definitely be an expensive endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. With these gift ideas, you can show your appreciation with some unique gifts without having to spend a bundle. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, there’s no reason why you can’t go shopping for great gifts and save at the same time.

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