December is the happiest, brightest time of the year… and also the most frenzied. Don’t you notice how this is when many people, especially those you haven’t seen in a long while, want to get together? There are 11 other months, but no, they want your reunion this time of year. There’s no more festive time than now, they say.
No matter how crazy all the preparations get, though, you still love taking charge of organizing your reunions. Or maybe you don’t exactly love love it, but you go great lengths to make sure your family and friends have a grand time because you love them. Either way, you could use a cheat sheet to make your life as the hostess much smoother and your parties even more noteworthy!
Save yourself the holiday stress while making sure your guests have a ball from start to finish by…

Getting together a bunch of people that are more or less relaxed with each other.

The most important step to throwing any party is putting together the guest list. You have to decide who the party is for, and how many people you want to invite. Is it a gathering for your colleagues, or an intimate party with your family? From there you will be able to determine the scale of preparation you have to get into.
You can always invite people you still want to get to know more, and introduce them to your world. To make sure that no one feels left out, make it a point to connect your guests to one another. Introduce them to each other with a side note on something they have in common, to get their conversation started.
Get your guests excited for your party by getting beautifully printed invites from Staples Copy & Print or Amsterdam Printing, which both have exciting discounts available.

Though throwing an elegant dinner or a party party are the top options for most people when it comes to holiday parties, it doesn’t mean things have to be black and white.

There is a throng of other activities you can try, like Christmas karaoke, and even adult versions of kiddie party games (given a holiday twist, of course), depending on how adventurous your guests are. You can also start your own traditions, like a couples’ holiday retreat or sharing your blessings to the less fortunate, to give your party more dimension. Of course, there’s the good old Secret Santa, which you can also put a twist on.
It really is key to make your guests feel comfortable, and you can do that by taking into consideration their likes and dislikes. Making your party as interactive as possible adds to the fun. If you choose to go the more formal route, having waiters is essential so that you’re saved from the hassle of last minute preparations and can go around to talk with your guests.

Draw up the #bestholiday menu ever!

The theme of your party is an important consideration in putting together a menu. Flex those cooking muscles and treat your guests to your labor of love. Don’t forget to factor in their likes, dislikes, but dietary and health restrictions as well. If you’re worried about spending a lot on food, check out sweet deals on ingredients, meals, and other whatnot over at Walmart, Omaha Steaks, Groupon, Wine Battles, and more,. You can get cash back, too, when you shop using Piggy.
The bottomline of any party is to make your guests happy, which in turn will bring joy to you.  After all, Christmas is a time of goodwill, so there’s no reason to be a scrooge. Being the one who throws the party that is on everyone’s must-attend list isn’t such a tough act to pull off. It does entail a lot of preparation, but your hard work will surely be rewarded when you see your guests leaving your party with smiles on their faces. Master the art of being a gracious host, and truly spread the holiday cheer.

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