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The holiday season is officially upon us! It’s time for glowing fireplaces, steaming mugs of hot cocoa, and of course, holiday decorating. Whether you prefer the classic white and gold look or go for a colorful, “more is more” approach, you can easily take your holiday decor to the next level with a twinkling strand of Christmas lights. Rather than spending hours untangling the massive ball of lights that have been in storage since last year, save yourself the time and energy this year with a new, upgraded set of Christmas lights. From eco-friendly solar-powered lights to pre-lit Christmas trees to LED light projectors, there are tons of options available nowadays. 

We’re all about discovering deals and saving money, so we set out to find the cheapest place to buy Christmas lights, so you can go full-on Clark Griswold without breaking the bank! We’ve compared prices between Walmart, Target, and Home Depot, and compiled a list of the best deals on Christmas lights at each store. Don’t forget to shop using the Piggy extension for even bigger savings! So, get ready to light up the neighborhood and read on to discover the best place to buy Christmas lights this holiday season.

Indoor Lights

Indoor Lights

300-Count Incandescent Mini String Lights

  • Walmart: Holiday Time, 69 ft for $8.26
  • Target: Northlight, 62 ft on sale for $20.49 (Regular price $22.99)
  • Home Depot: Home Accents Holiday, 68 ft for $8.98 

LED Mini String Lights

  • Walmart: Holiday Time, 300ct for $16.82 
  • Target: Phillips, 200ct on sale for $28.00 (Regular price $35.00)
  • Home Depot: Home Accents Holiday, 300 for $18.88 

Mini string lights are incredibly versatile and make a huge difference in the final look of your decorations. You can easily create a Norman Rockwell-level mantle in no time with just a simple strand of lights. In this case, Walmart is the cheapest place to buy Christmas lights if you’re looking for either incandescent or LED mini lights. Home Depot is a close runner-up in the mini light category, while Target’s prices don’t shine quite as bright. 

Pre-Lit Christmas tree

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

  • Walmart: Holiday Time 6.5 ft Flocked Pine, on sale for $69.99 (Regular price $79.99)
  • Target: Wondershop 6 ft Artificial Alberta Spruce, on sale for $48.00 (Regular price $60.00)
  • Home Depot: Home Accents Holiday 6.5 ft Artificial Pine, $49.98 

Pre-Lit Christmas trees are a huge time-saver! You don’t have to worry about spacing, tangled cords, or calculating how many lights you’ll need to cover the whole tree. All the hard work is already done — how great is that? Home Depot offers the best price on pre-lit Christmas trees with a beautiful 6.5 ft Pine under $50, but we have to give Target an honorable mention here. If you can catch their sale, $48 for a 6 ft Alberta spruce is a great deal!

Pre-Lit Garland

  • Walmart: Brite Star, 18 ft for $29.69
  • Target: Wondershop, 18 ft for $20.00
  • Home Depot: Home Accents Holiday, 18 ft for $19.98

Instantly increase your home’s festivity factor by adding pre-lit garland to entryways, banisters, mantles, bookshelves — the possibilities are endless. The best place to buy Christmas lights pre-set in garland is a very close call. Home Depot beats Target by only two cents for an 18 ft strand of pre-lit garland. 

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Christmas outdoor lights

Outdoor Lights 

LED C9 Lights

  • Walmart: Holiday Time, 100 for $18.82 
  • Target: Phillips, 80 on sale for $28.00 (Regular price $35.00) 
  • Home Depot: Home Accents Holiday 100 for $29.98 

When it comes to outdoor holiday decorations, there’s nothing quite like the classic look of big, cheerful lights framing your house. Whether you enjoy bright white lights or a rainbow of colors, you really can’t go wrong with this time-honored holiday favorite. Walmart offers the best price on Christmas lights with 100 LED C9 lights for $18.82, which comes to a cost of only 18 cents per light, outshining Target and Home Depot by far.

LED Icicle Lights

  • Walmart: Holiday Time, 300 for $11.98 
  • Target: Phillips, 175 on sale for $28.00 (Regular price $35.00)
  • Home Depot: Home Accents Holiday, 300 for $12.98

Transform your home into a winter wonderland, no matter where you live, with dazzling icicle lights. If you’re comparing prices for icicle lights, each brand offers slightly different spacing and total lighted length, so you have to take your personal preference into consideration more so than with other types of Christmas lights. That being said, Walmart has the best deal on Christmas lights icicle styles overall, with a cost of only 70 cents per foot of icicle lights. 

Christmas lights projector

Christmas Light Projectors

  • Walmart: LightShow Kaleidoscope, $26.85
  • Target: Phillips Christmas, $35.99 (Regular price $44.99)
  • Home Depot: Star Shower, $24.99

If you really want to take your light game to the next-level this year, check out Christmas light projectors! They’re incredibly easy to operate and you don’t have to spend hours stringing lights, or even step foot on a ladder. There are tons of different models available with fun features, including holiday music and a variety of light patterns. The models above are three basic options with classic red and green color schemes. It seems like Home Depot has the best price on Christmas light projectors overall. Although Target’s light projector has a slightly higher price, it’s worth mentioning that theirs comes with a remote control that lets you adjust the speed and set a timer. 

Solar-Powered Mini Lights

  • Walmart: Holiday Time, 150ct for $12.98
  • Target: Northlight, 200ct on sale for $27.49 (Regular price $34.99)
  • Home Depot: Northlight, 200ct for $24.71 

Of course, we had to add an eco-friendly option for those of you interested in solar-powered mini lights. While the initial cost is slightly higher than traditional mini lights, the solar-powered option is more energy-efficient and certainly worth the investment. As far as cost per light goes, Walmart is the cheapest place to buy Christmas lights that run on solar-power. Walmart’s solar powered mini lights even feature eight different flash patterns for even more festive possibilities!  

Christmas lights

Who Has the Best Deal on Christmas Lights? 

Overall, the cheapest place to buy Christmas lights really depends on what you’re looking for. Walmart and Home Depot have the best deals on Christmas lights when it comes to C9 or mini string lights, while Target has great sale prices on pre-lit Christmas trees and garland. If you want to make sure you get the best deal on Christmas lights this holiday season, keep an eye out for Christmas light sales, take advantage of holiday promotions, and use the Piggy extension for the best coupons and cashback opportunities! 

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