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In this age of life hacks and digital shortcuts, not being money savvy is no longer acceptable. But, who can resist the ease and convenience of online shopping these days!? The good news is, you don’t have to deprive yourself of the joy online shopping brings, because you can also find the best shopping deals online. Yes, even if you’re on a tight budget!

The key to being money savvy in the online shopping world is knowing how to find the best deals, so here are the top ways to get the best shopping deals online:

1. Use Coupon Codes!

If you haven’t ever done a Google search for coupon codes to find the best deals shopping online, then you’re seriously behind the times! There are loads of deal sites that exist exclusively to provide coupon codes to online shoppers, so you should definitely start taking advantage of them. However, to really maximize your savings and not stress about how to get the best deals online, you need a deal finder Chrome Extension like Piggy in your life. Rather than having to search for individual coupon codes for every store, product, or brand you want to buy, Piggy will do all the work for you.

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2. Buy Gift Cards & Combine Them with Sale Prices.

Gift cards are awesome presents to receive as gifts, but you can also buy them for yourself and basically have a built in discount you can spend anytime you want! Many stores and deal finder websites offer discounts on gift card purchases, such as $10 off gift cards of $50 or more or 5% of gift card purchase of any amount. You can also find loads of gift card deals from Raise.

No matter how you end up with a store gift card, they become even more valuable during sale seasons. Even more reason to stock up on gift cards whenever your favorite stores are offering discounted gift cards, so you’ll be prepared to spend them during any flash sale or special offer period; by strategically buying gift cards you will essentially be building up your online shopping savings account!

3. Look for Cash Back Offers.

Once again, Piggy’s got your back for this one! You can get some of the best cash back deals using the Piggy Chrome Extension when you shop online. Loads of stores offer anywhere from one to 10 percent (or more) cash back, making them the ideal places to find the best deals online shopping.

Here are some of the best stores with cash back shopping deals:

Browse More Cash Back Offers from Top Stores

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4. Follow Influencers on Social Media

Follow fashion, lifestyle, and tech influencers on Twitter or Instagram and be on the lookout for their tweets and posts about how to find the best deals on certain brands or products. Influencers often land affiliate partnerships with amazing brands and products to help them promote their products to their social media followers, and an exclusive discount code usually comes along with the partnership.

5. Shop on the Right Days.

There are some days that are reserved for the best shopping deals of the year, such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday, but if you can’t wait for these global days filled with amazing shopping deals, then look out for annual sales at specific stores. For example, keep an eye out for Macy’s Friends and Family Sale twice a year, once in the spring and once in December, and you can get 25% off your purchase.

6. Know Where to Find the Best Deals

If you really want to save when shopping online, then you have to start by knowing where to find the best deals. And guess what? Piggy is the best place for you to start! With over 3000 stores to choose from and the perfect combination of cash back offers and coupons codes, you can get the best deals online shopping with Piggy every time.

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7. Try Price Matching.

Not every store offers price matching, but the ones that do will make you feel like a real expert deal finder! Instead of having to shop for each item at a different store to get the best price, look for stores that offer price matching so you can just show them their competitors’ prices and get the best deals online shopping. You’re basically wasting money if you’re shopping online without comparing prices and getting the best price matched by whichever store you prefer to buy from! Look for price match guarantees at Lowe’s, Sears, and dozens of other online stores.

Check Out These 16 Stores You Didn’t Know Price Match

8. Take Advantage of Free Shipping Options.

If you can’t find a promotional code for free shipping, then you might have to do a little extra work or have more patience to avoid paying for shipping. Many sites will give you the option of no cost shipping if you’re willing to accept 5-10 day delivery times, while many stores will give customers the option to buy online and pick up in store.

Here are a few of the top stores with the best deals on shipping:

  • Walmart – get free shipping on orders over $50 or free site-to-store pick up!
  • Target – pick up your online orders at your local Target store for free or get a REDcard and you’ll get free 3-5 day shipping on every online order.
  • Walgreens – choose their ship to store option at checkout for free shipping on every order.
  • – get free shipping on every single order!

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9. Listen to the Experts

There are hundreds of thousands of personal finance experts out there just waiting to give you advice to help you save money and lower your spending habits, but you have to seek out their advice before you overspend to ensure you always get the best deals. Melissa Hollis from Think Save Retire says her “…go to tip is to comparison shop. A lot of the time, I will find better deals on Amazon than on a large retailer site…You can also let the best prices come to you! Hack retailers advertising algorithms by being patient with pulling the trigger on your purchases. Search and shop on a variety of sites and wait for the deals to come through via retargeting ads or email marketing campaigns.” Take Melissa’s advice to heart if you want to get the best deals online shopping, while making retailers work for your business!

Ready to Get the Best Deals Online Shopping?

Someone once said, “whoever said money can’t buy happiness, doesn’t know where to shop.” The new reality of shopping today is that you’ll be truly happy not just by knowing where to shop, but by knowing where to get the best deals! 

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