Best Gifts for Women in Your Life




Whether you’re shopping for your girlfriend’s birthday, an early Mother’s Day present for Mom, or a “friendiversary” for your BFF, you’ll definitely want to get something she’ll love.

The best gifts for women — just like anyone else — are those that are both unique and thoughtful. Not only do you want the gift to mean something, you also want it to be useful in some way. Let’s be honest, these are the types of gifts women want most.

Here are some great gift ideas for women that are guaranteed to please the women in your life, no matter what the reason or season for gift giving.

Best Health & Fitness Gift Ideas for Women

woman wearing nike shoes

If the woman in your life is a fitness enthusiast, you have your pick of the litter in terms of gift ideas.

Workout Shoes

Any woman who is even remotely active needs a decent pair of workout shoes, and Nike offers modern designs that are both comfy and easy to slip on and off. They’ve got workout shoes with a chunky sole to provide amazing traction while being lightweight enough not to feel heavy.

Yoga Mat

Whether the woman in your life practices yoga or simply likes to perform any type of floor exercise, a yoga mat is a must. A good yoga mat should provide plenty of comfort with padded construction and a no-slip design.

This Gaiam yoga mat offers just the right amount of cushioning and stability while helping to maintain any pose by staying put. Plus, the mat is reversible, giving the option to change up the look with every workout.

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woman wearing headphones

Bluetooth Headphones

Music has a way of pushing us and motivating us throughout the most intense workouts, and Bluetooth headphones can make it easy to enjoy our favorite music. Bluetooth headphones can offer a powerful and crystal clear sound to keep any workout pumping, and Best Buy can offer you great coupons to save money on your gift purchase too.


There’s so much more to a Fitbit than just tracking steps! Fitbit watches also track your heart rate, measure the number of calories burned, provide health and workout trends and insights, and some even provide personalized fitness guidance. A Fitbit watch can even track sleep stages and provide tips for getting better sleep.

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Workout Outfit Set

There’s no reason to sacrifice style when working up a sweat, and Fila Sport workout outfits are stylish and have amazing patterns and color blends. The high-quality fabric is highly breathable and incredibly comfortable. With a Kohls coupon code in hand, you can save yourself a bit of cash at the checkout counter too.

Best Beauty Gift Ideas for Women

Perfume bottles

You can’t go wrong with a beauty-inspired gift, and any one of these would certainly make a great gift idea for almost any woman in your life.


Perfume is a classic gift for women that never loses its flair. A beautiful, floral-scented perfume is always the perfect choice because it can be used for a special occasion or on a daily basis. Be on the lookout for deals on perfume at Macy’s to help you save while shopping for that special someone.

Aloe Vera Masks

After a long, stressful day, women love to come home and pamper themselves, and aloe vera face masks are a great way to do just that. Therapeutic masks can help soothe stressed skin, replenishing it with vital moisture and nutrients that protect the skin while rejuvenating the mind and soul.

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bathtub caddy

Bathtub Caddy

For the ultimate bathing convenience, a bathtub caddy is a must. It’s the bath accessory that houses all the different products needed for a relaxing and entertaining soak in the tub, including a glass of wine, an iPad to enjoy a movie or some music, and a snack to nibble on. Search for the perfect bathtub caddy at Walmart and you’ll find the best gift for women in your life without worrying about the price tag.

Bath Robe

Robes are not only helpful when you’re getting out of the shower or choosing what outfit to wear for the day, they’re also great for lazy days when comfort is most important. When shopping for robes, look for robes that are both luxurious and comfy, because these are sure to be one of the best gifts for women you could ever buy.

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Skin Crystal Facial Roller

Just about every woman has a beauty and anti-aging regimen, and a crystal facial roller is a great new tool that helps keep skin looking firmer and younger. Women can improve skin elasticity and reduce the look of wrinkles and acne scars in no time by spending a few minutes a day applying a crystal facial roller. The gentle pressure alleviates puffiness and improves collagen and blood circulation, leaving women feeling completely refreshed after each session. You can find discounts on facial roller purchases at

Best Fashion Gift Ideas for Women

woman wearing a silver necklace

Clothing and accessories are always one of the top gifts for women, and if you choose from the items below, then you’ll be sure to please. Plus, these gifts are easy to find at any department store!


What woman doesn’t love to receive jewelry, especially as a gift? You definitely can’t go wrong with a stunning sterling silver tennis bracelet, sprinkled with gleaming diamonds. It’s a timeless piece that will never go out of style, making it the perfect gift for any woman in your life.

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Crossbody Purse

Crossbody purses offer convenience and comfort, and a Michael Kors crossbody bag is classic, trendy, and will suit just about any style. Michael Kors bags even come in several colors to choose to appease any woman’s taste.

Pajamas Set

Everyone needs something comfy to sleep in, and Vera Wang pajamas will make sure the woman in your life feels both comfortable and stylish. Kohls offers great deals on Vera Wang pajama sets, so be sure to browse their offers to save on this perfect gift for women.

Other Top Gifts for Women

birthday gift

If all the items above don’t seem like just the right fit, then here are some of the best gifts for women we haven’t mentioned yet.

Amazon Echo Dot

“Smart” living has never been so easy thanks to technological gadgets like the Amazon Echo Dot. This voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa is perfect for playing music, listening to the news, and finding out information at the drop of a hat. Check out deals online at Amazon to get a great deal on an Echo Dot.

Wine Decanter

Letting wine “breathe” after popping the cork can unleash the natural flavors of different wines, and a beautiful crystal decanter is a great way to do that. Any woman who loves to drink wine will appreciate a wine decanter to up her wine-drinking game.

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Have You Found the Best Gifts for Women in Your Life Yet?

three women leaning on each other

Gift shopping can be a bit of a daunting task, especially when you want to get something special the woman in your life will love. All of the above-mentioned gifts for women will surely be appreciated, and even better will come in handy for the woman in your life! If you’re looking to get the best deal, then be sure to shop online with a coupon code in hand through Piggy; we can help save a ton of cash on gifts for women anytime!

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