Best Holiday Shopping Deals of the Week – December 16




Wow. Somehow, it happened again. Christmas is just over a week away, and we got no gifts purchased yet.

Good thing there’s still tons of great deals out there to be had! Not that we didn’t call it or anything (we totally did, humblebrag) but the best possible deals you can find this holiday season are out there right now. So why wait any longer? The reindeer might take too long, but Piggy’s got you covered. We got a quick curated list of some top deals (including many flash sales) below, and if you want more be sure to check out Piggy or install the Piggy plugin to your browser.

Ready to jump on these last-minute holiday deals? Use too. Let’s do this!

Macy’s: Up to 75% off Fine Jewelry (Flash Sale!) and up to 15% Cashback

If you’re like me and have been keeping an eye on some nice gifts for someone in your life but have waited to hit the “purchase” button, today’s your lucky day for those who require some nice jewelry in their lives. Macy’s is having a flash sale today with up to 75% off when you shop with Piggy, along with other coupon offerings and up to 15% cashback. Just as quickly as the holidays are coming up, deals like these are going to be coming and going faster than ever. So do yourself a favor: don’t wait until tomorrow for what will be gone at the end of the day today. This deal expires TODAY, 12/16!

Get Macy’s Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Pier 1: Up to $40 off a purchase $150 or more and up to 3% Cashback

Are you like me where you were planning on hosting a holiday dinner, only to realize you had no place to seat your guests because you didn’t have a table? Are you not like me and have adult furniture, but need to upgrade to something a bit nicer? Are you really not like me and treat yourself to a piece of new furniture as a way to fun shop? Hey, no judgments here, just wanted to let you know that Pier 1 has some awesome deals going on right now, including up to $40 off a purchase $150 or more. Now you can really get that nice upgrade you’ve been wanting – or just get a dining room table! Don’t wait though, because the $40 off offer expires 12/16!

Get Pier 1 Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Dell: Save 12% on Alienware PCs and up to 10% Cashback

If you couldn’t tell, we’re kind of nerds about gaming here. And who could blame us? Gaming is awesome. If you want to play the latest games on PC (or you just really want to play Fortnite on the latest hardware), you don’t need to sell your old PC for scrap to get a new one! Instead, why not check out the 12% off Alienware PC deal that Dell is running through Piggy, on top of their usual 10% cashback? Save that extra dough for games or a VR headset. 2020 has a killer lineup, and you’ll want that spare change to take full advantage of everything from Cyberpunk 2077 to Half-Life: Alyx.

Get Dell Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Barnes and Noble: Get 15% off your online order and up to 3% Cashback

Books. Movies. Music. Records. Board games. I mean, really, it’s kind of crazy to think of all the different gifts you can pick up for yourself and loved ones at Barnes and Noble. Not to mention how much a good book can impact someone’s life. And yes, I am talking about the Calvin and Hobbes collection. Obviously. Well, the good news is if you decide to shop at Barnes and Noble you can get 15% off your entire online purchase in addition to the 3% cashback. And they offer in-store pickup, so no need to wait for shipping! Oh, but you won’t want to wait, this deal expires 12/16. 

Get Barnes and Noble Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Jos. A. Bank: Multiple Coupons and up to 7% Cashback

I’ve been trying to come up with a good “coupons, cashback, bank” joke for the past 20 minutes and got nothing. There’s definitely something witty to be written, but I don’t have it. Anyways, tons of coupons at Jos. A. Bank available on top of normal cashback. Don’t worry about reading anything else in this section, it’s all just filler for word count to appease the SEO judges.

Get Jos. A. Bank Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Yes, time is running out, so get to shopping!

Seriously, how did we already get to a little more than a week away from Christmas? I totally dropped the ball on my own shopping. But hey, good thing there’s still plenty of time and even more deals to be had! Why wait to take advantage of them? Christmas gifts wait for no person, including Santa. Jump on these deals and the tons more we have with Piggy! You can either use our website to find deals at stores you love, or use the browser plugin to automatically find new deals as you shop! Not even Old Saint Nick could come up with something that amazing.

Head to Piggy now!

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