Best Men’s Running Shoes For 2018




Get a good look at our top men’s running shoe picks from the biggest brands on the market that will hit the ground running in 2018. With a running shoe for every level of runner and their running style, you can feel inspired to get after your training and running goals. Let’s get right into it.

The best neutral road running shoes are the Brooks Ghost 10. These are really comfortable and I believe even more comfortable than the Ghost 9, especially in that toe box area. They have a really nice upper, and has great cushioning. Also it’s good for energy return and impact absorption. These shoes are going to be good for short, medium and long distance running. They do have a twelve millimeter heel to toe drop, so that is a little bit on the higher end. Hence, if you’re looking for minimalist shoes, these aren’t the ones for you. They do fit true to size and the price point isn’t all that high.

Next up are the best stability road running shoes and those are the Asics Gel-Kayano 24s or the 23 s, the 22 s, or the 20 ones. In fact, I’m actually wearing the 24s right now. I really like these shoes. They have a lot more padding on the inside, so this will prevent you from rolling too much inward. I love the stability as well. The one downside with the 24s is that there are a a bit pricey, so if you’re looking for deals on running shoes you should check out Piggy. They will help you find the best deals on running shoes: Modell’s Sporting Goods has all the big names, so if you want deals on them, download Piggys completely free toolbar, iOS and Android app. Going back to the 24, I specifically love their new upper. It’s breathable, flexible, very comfortable.

The best shoes for speed are the Brooks Levitate. Anybody that’s running one mile up to seven miles. These things are awesome. They’re also fantastic for energy return. You will feel that bounce just like some of those Adidas shoes that use that boost technology. Overall, these are very soft and has a comfortable upper that’s breathable.

If you want some shoes that are built for speed, Nike’s Pegasus lineup. The Pegasus 34s are spectacular and a people’s favorite too. A lot of people like them because they’re great for all distance running and their overall tried-and-true running shoes.

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