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Call it a passion or a necessity, some people have a serious thing for them. For this occasion or that, a new pair for summer vacation or simply to replace worn out ones, buying shoes is something we all have to do at some point and hopping from store to store to find your size isn’t always most convenient. Since we truly love to buy new shoes, we’ve discovered the best online shoe websites to make shoe shopping even better!

If you’ve never purchased shoes online before, this might be one of the best decisions you make this year. Shopping online is how you can find some of the cheapest places to buy shoes, and for many good reasons. You can browse huge selections of shoes to find the perfect style and the best price (or at least the perfect shoe coupon for your purchase!). You’ll find shoes that you otherwise might not have had access to in-store because the store is far away, the brand is foreign, or it’s simply out of stock.

Before you start virtually trying on numerous pairs and filling your shopping cart, there are a few tricks of the trade to keep in mind when shopping on the best online shoe sites.

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5 Tips For Shoe Shopping Online

  1. Verify your foot size and the seller’s size chart
  2. Know the return and exchange policy
  3. Seek credible reviews
  4. Look for the same shoe on several sites (for price, reviews, and additional images)
  5. Use Piggy’s coupons for shoes to ensure you always get the lowest price on any pair!

With these fool-proof shoe shopping tips in mind, you’re probably ready to find out where the best places to buy shoes for cheap online are. We’ve put together a list of our favorite picks for the best online shoe stores to make it clear and easy for you to find the perfect pair, whether you’re looking to replace your old running shoes or find your dream wedding heels.

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10 Of The Best Places To Buy Shoes Online

1. Footlocker

Sports shoes for all the sports fans. You know them by their black and white stripes and their wall to wall displays of all the sports shoes. Whether you play basketball or volleyball, if you’re a runner or a hiker, Footlocker has it. Check out some of Piggy’s great coupons to get the best savings around.

2. Famous Footwear

Find all the brands you love already and discover many new ones when you shop at Famous Footwear. With their everyday low prices and some hard-to-beat coupons, you can’t go wrong shopping for your next pair of shoes here.


Shop by style or size to find the right fit at Overstock. Save with Piggy at one of world’s top online shoe stores with average savings of over $20 on already excellent, low prices.

Zappos shoes

4. Zappos

If there’s an online shoe store that is the shoe specialist, Zappos would be it. With years of experience providing customers with some of the most colorful, stylish, and a wide selection of footwear, there’s no doubt about their reputation. Order often and tired of paying shipping charges? Join Zappos VIP to get exclusive deals and free expedited shipping.

5. Amazon

Our recommendations for the best site to buy shoes wouldn’t be complete if Amazon wasn’t on there. Of course they have an excellent selection of shoes for some of the best prices. If you have a Prime, get them shipped to your door even sooner.

Learn More Ways to Get the Best Amazon Deals

6. Hotter Shoes

Shop Hotter for their unique selection of everyday, casual footwear. This little known site won’t be unheard for long with their fresh styles and superb savings. Earn up to 8% cash back in addition to using some of our hot, money-saving coupons. Summer’s hot, but this selection of footwear is even Hotter!

7. Easy Spirit

Take a gander at all the stylish yet comfortable footwear that Easy Spirit has to offer. They even offer a wide selection of recycled materials in their Eco selection of footwear. Not only will you find eco shoes, but economic ones too. With an average savings of nearly $30, both your purse and feet will be happy about the decision to shop for shoes aat Easy Spirit.

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8. Maryland Square

Shop Maryland Square for women’s name brand footwear for all the quality brands that you already love, with over 1,500 styles to choose from. With stellar cash back and pretty frequent coupons, you’re bound to find a good bargain, whether you’re searching for flats, sandals, heels, and more!


If you’re in the market for anything from work boots or sandals to casual shoes or hiking boots, make a beeline to for great prices on everyday footwear. They also have a handsome selection of kids footwear, too.

10. Eastbay

Piggy has some of the most competitive shoe coupons around, and this holds true for Eastbay too! For the sportsman or woman in all of us, Eastbay has the right shoe for every sport or casual occasion. Be sure to check out their new releases for the coolest kicks on the market. 

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Even More Best Online Shoe Sites to Choose From

Still on the hunt for the right size or can’t find the perfect shoes style yet? Here’s your last chance at the best online shoe websites (which also have cash back savings!):

Whether you need to replace new kicks or you’re in the market for a unique pair for a special occasion, always check out Piggy’s shoe coupons and shop at the best places to buy shoes cheap online. Oh, and those old shoes? Make sure you recycle or donate them!

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