9 Best Outdoor Toys for Kids You Need This Summer




Sweet, sweet summer. It’s every kid’s favorite season, and every parent’s one true test. Thankfully, it’s also the time of year when you can escape the kids for a little while by sending them outdoors. And if you have the best outdoor toys for kids, it won’t take much convincing to get them outside and burning energy for the afternoon!

Piggy’s here to help you find the best kids’ outdoor toys across multiple retailers; but first, what makes these toys the best?

little boy playing a toy gun

What To Consider When Buying Outdoor Toys For Kids

  • Age range. How old are your kids? Buying the best outdoor toys will have a lot to do with buying age-appropriate items, of course! That means nothing with small parts for toddlers, and maybe no sandboxes for the 8-11 year old crowd.
  • Longevity. Fun outdoor toys for kids can be pricey. While the sticker shock might put you off initially, you can justify the purchase more easily if you know your kids will get a few years’ play out of them. Many toys have an age range of a few years, so invest early on!
  • Durability. Outdoor toys for kids have to weather a lot of conditions, depending on where you live. The best outdoor kids’ toys will hold up through rain, snow, and sunshine—but if not, be prepared to buy tarps or other supplies that can help your toys to play with outside last longer.

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9 Toys To Play With Outside That Your Kids Will Love

1. KidKraft Ainsley Wooden Swing Set / Playset

A swing set is every backyard’s best friend—and easily one of the best outdoor toys for kids. This playset from KidKraft may seem pricey, but would be a great investment for the duration of your kids’ childhoods. This set includes a slide, two swings, a rockwall, a sandbox, and even a chalkboard!

  • Age range: 5-11 years old
  • Retail Price: $399.00
  • Where to buy it: Walmart

2. App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car

Though this car isn’t specifically for outdoors, you’ll want to send your kids outside as soon as they start driving it around the house. This car is for slightly older kids, since it takes time and patience to build (there are 463 pieces, after all). Not only is this one of the best toys to play with outside, it’ll also encourage brain development and build your child’s STEM skills.

  • Age range: 9+ years old
  • Retail Price: $129.99
  • Where to buy it: Lego

Kubb Outdoor Wooden Blocks Game

3. Kubb Outdoor Wooden Blocks Game For 2+ Players

We have no doubt that this family game is one of the best kids’ outdoor toys. It takes time to learn, but once your kids get the hang of it they’ll love this strategy game, and the best part is the whole family can participate.

  • Age range: 8+ years old
  • Retail Price: $37.99
  • Where to buy it: Toynk Toys

4. Bubble Wands, 3.5oz

Bubble wands are a classic, and easily one of the most fun outdoor toys for kids—and simple, too! Younger kids can keep busy with bubble wands for a while, because as we all remember, blowing bubbles is not as easy as it looks. This also happens to be one of the most budget-friendly children’s outdoors toys, if you go for a basic bottle with wand included.

  • Age range: 4+ years old
  • Retail Price: $29.89
  • Where to buy it: US Toy

kids playing the micro kickboard mini deluxe scooter

5. Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe Scooter

A cool scooter to ride around the neighborhood is every kid’s dream, which is why it’s easily one of the best outdoor toys for kids! This mini version is great for younger kids, though you may want to hold off on scooters until they’re slightly older if you don’t want to have to supervise their outdoor play the whole time.

  • Age range: 2-5 years old
  • Retail Price: $89.99
  • Where to buy it: The Tot

6. Covered Cedar Sandbox

A nice sandbox is another backyard classic. This version from Totally Kids is high quality, cedar with a canopy, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to slather the kids up with sunscreen. If you’re looking for fun outdoor toys for kids, a sandbox (and maybe some fun sand toys) is a great place to start.

  • Age range: 3+ years old
  • Retail Price: $245.00
  • Where to buy it: Totally Kids

Schleich Brontosaurus

7. Schleich Brontosaurus

Schleich makes tons of great toys for kids who love to learn about wildlife, dinosaurs, farm animals, and more. Though their toys aren’t specifically made for the outdoors, their toys are high quality, durable, and suitable for a huge range of ages. Why not grab a few cool dinosaurs for the sandbox? We also recommend checking out their fun and affordable DIYs!

  • Age range: 4-12 years old
  • Retail Price: $19.99
  • Where to buy it: Schleich

8. Ultra Stomp Rocket

If your kids’ attention is most easily held by the flashy, high-adrenaline toys, stomp rockets will be one of the best outdoor toys for your family. These rockets can soar up to 200 feet, so your kids and their friends will love testing how high their rocket can go! The competition of it will also serve as a good form of exercise.

  • Age range: 6+ years old
  • Retail Price: $17.95
  • Where to buy it: Fat Brain Toys

9. Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk, Mystery Colors, 3 Count

Are your kids the creative type? Crayola makes fun outdoor toys for kids, and sidewalk chalk is a timeless classic that’s no exception. This unicorn version is ultra-affordable, and will encourage the development of your children’s imaginations while keeping them occupied for hours outside!

  • Age range: 4+ years old
  • Retail Price: $2.99
  • Where to buy it: Crayola

kids playing outdoor

Have The Best Summer Ever With The Best Children’s Outdoor Toys

The best outdoor toys for kids don’t have to be complicated. Sidewalk chalk, bubble wands, and dinosaurs can keep almost any kid happy and occupied this summer. But, if you have extra money to spare, why not splurge and invest in swing sets, sandboxes, and scooters?! No matter how old your kids are or what your budget is, you can absolutely find fun outdoor toys for kids, especially if you have the Piggy Mobile App at your fingertips.

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