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Ready to close your old, heavy laptop to open something slimmer and sleeker? Maybe you can’t make the latest Zoom call because you spilled coffee on your keyboard or you’re heading off to college and need something of your own. With so many websites and in-store retailers selling electronics, what really is the best place to buy laptops online? Some people are interested in glossy, hi-res screens, while others have their sights set on fast processors and spacious hard drives. The demand is high, and the supply has certainly followed, creating a large market with numerous options (and some pretty amazing laptop coupons and deals).

The world has never relied as much on laptops as we do today. Nearly overnight, many sectors sent their loyal employees home to weather the pandemic. Working from home has never been so desired, nor necessary, making laptops an even greater necessity to daily work. However, some folks have built their careers from their home offices with snazzy laptops on hand long before the pandemic too.  

On top of work needs, laptops are also a nearly unavoidable requirement for university students, and with widely used streaming services, more folks are turning to laptops to tune into their favorite series or films during their free time as well. Whether for personal purposes or professional projects, most of us can’t live without a laptop, so if you’re in need of an upgrade, your laptop just died on you, or you’re just hoping to find a great deal on laptops, we’re here to help. So, where is the best place online to buy a laptop to get the best price? Read on to find out!

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Where to Buy Laptops Online

1. Dell

One of the best stores to buy a laptop is Dell, directly. Not only has Dell long been an industry leader, they also offer the lowest prices on all their laptops than any other retailer. Browse their attractive selection of compact workstations to some of the sturdiest and powerful laptops on the market. No need for a middle-man to find one of the best deals around on Dell laptops! Furthermore, Dell has an excellent customer service team that is always a call or click away. You can be sure they will help you both before and long after your laptop purchase. Cut to the chase and buy a laptop direct from Dell.

2. Lenovo

If you’re searching where to buy laptops in the middle-range market, then you should consider shopping directly at Lenovo. Choose from a wide rage of their well-known Ideapads for your next laptop. Looking for something more convertible for when you’re on-the-go? Check out their sleek 2-in-1 tablets and ultrabooks for an extremely convertible solution. Lenovo continues to carry a long legacy of reliable laptops, making them one of the best stores to buy a laptop.

3. Best Buy

If you’re not keen on buying directly from the manufacturers themselves, one of the best places to buy laptops is Best Buy. You can compare and contrast all the best brands on the market when shopping for the best laptop at Best Buy. With retail outlets all over the country, you’re never far from a store if online laptop shopping isn’t your thing too. From sales to service, stop in and chat with one of their knowledgeable team members who can address all your questions and help point you in the right direction. There’s always a real, physical human to help at Best Buy! Another great reason why Best Buy is the best place to buy a laptop is there added warranties. On top of the manufacturer’s proper warranty, Best Buy will also have your back after your laptop purchase.

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4. Walmart

Walmart has everything! With their handsome electronics department, their dot com is one of the best websites for laptop purchases. From the most reputable of brands to all the accessories you could ever want, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for from their wide selection of products. Find a laptop you can’t live without elsewhere? Walmart will usually price-match to keep up with any competitor’s price. Keep an eye out for their excellent sales and really score at the best place to buy a laptop.

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5. Office Depot

From gaming laptops to an impressive selection of refurbished work machines, Office Depot is one of the best places to buy laptops. Whether you are looking to make a large order for the whole office or you’re buying a laptop just for yourself, Office Depot is your one-stop-shop for online laptop shopping. With 18 different brands to choose from, you’re bound to find exactly what you need. In a hurry? Take advantage of their free one-hour curbside pick-up to get your laptop purchase in a jiffy. Laptops to go, anyone?

6. Apple

If you’re already a Mac owner and simply looking to upgrade or you’re on the brink of making the switch, Apple will make it easy for you. Their user-friendly site and cool in-store experience will certainly leave you satisfied. Rated one of the best places to buy laptops year after year, it might be your turn to give Apple a try. From light, slim workbooks to powerful, professional units, there’s a reason why Apple macbooks have such a good reputation.

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7. Microsoft

Our list of the best places to buy laptops online wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include one of the originals! Still asking yourself where is the best store to buy a laptop? It just might be Microsoft! Microsoft’s Surface laptop is ultra-slim and light for anyone needing a powerful computer for an on-the-go lifestyle. From software to hardware, you won’t have a problem finding it all shopping for the best laptops from Microsoft.

Shopping around online with the Piggy Mobile App on hand will help you find the latest and greatest deals on laptops. Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll know just where the best place to buy laptops online is.

Find More of the Best Places to Buy Laptops (& Get Coupons!)

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