12 Best Places To Order Canvas Prints Online




Looking to upgrade your decor at home? If you’re not a plant person and you’ve already tried feng shui-ing your furniture in every position possible, then wall art and canvas prints of personal or professional photography are a common (and easy) way to spruce up a room. 

The best part about decorating with canvas prints is that you can order them from the comfort of your home! So where should you start looking first? We’ve rounded up the best places to order canvas prints—for every budget.

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coffee shop setting with a blue and print canvas on the wall

12 Best Sites For Custom Canvas Prints

1. Vistaprint


  • There are five different frame sizes to choose from. Prints start at $20 for a 8”x12” design, maxing out at $75 for 24”x36”, making these some of the most affordable canvas prints.
  • They offer either a mounted frame option that includes a hanger on the back, or a premium wood frame with mount attached.
  • They also offer premium and mounted canvas wall art.


  • They do not offer custom canvas sizes, so depending on the dimensions of the image you want to have printed, you may have to deal with cropping it to fit the appropriate canvas size you want.

2. Shutterfly


  • There are 13 different canvas sizes to choose from, from 8”x10” up to 36”x36”, and all sizes include a metal sawtooth hanger.
  • For an additional cost, you can select from a white, brown, black, metallic, or rustic style frame.
  • Shutterfly also offers Design Review, where their team will review your product prior to shipping, and they can also provide photo retouching.


  • Prints are a bit pricier, beginning at $34.99 for a 8×10” print.  

3. Canvas People


  • There are tons of customization options, including choices for frame wrapping, frames, types of hangers, photo enhancement or remastering, and photo effects. 
  • This is one of the easiest sites to buy canvas prints. This service is only for canvas, and their website has a Create Your Canvas button that takes you right where you need to be.
  • They have 12 sizes to choose from, and all sizes offer either standard .75” wrapping or 1.25” thick wrapping.
  • Prices start at $25.20 for a 6×6” print.


  • It can be tough to find information on what type of canvas they use, so if you’re a stickler for quality, you may need to reach out to them to learn more (but it’s worth noting that reviews are overwhelmingly positive!). 

framed canvas prints posted on the wall

4. PictureFrames.com


  • If you have a little bit extra to splurge, this might be the best place to order canvas prints. They boast the largest selection of frame sizes, and they aren’t lying! Heights and widths range from any combination of 6 to 85 inches. 
  • With four canvas types, five canvas styles, three border styles, and tons upon tons of frame options, this is probably the most customizable experience available.
  • You can get 20% off your first order just for joining their email list!


  • It’s pricey. The smallest 6×6 canvas print starts at around $35, so if you’re trying to go big, you’ll be spending a decent chunk of change.

5. Canvas on Demand


  • Another great option for affordable canvas prints, they have 18 sizes to choose from, starting at $19.99 for an 8”x8”.
  • Canvas on Demand also offers fast shipping options, as well as easy returns and exchanges.
  • Every print has a sealed back with a sawtooth hanger included, and you can customize your canvas edges and frame.


  • There’s not much information available about the type of canvas used, although they specify that they use high quality, museum-grade materials, so that sounds like some pretty legit canvas!

6. Snapfish


  • It’s a one-stop-shop to order canvas prints online, as well as any other photo-related projects you might want to do.
  • There are options for panoramic canvases and other unique options, like split canvas sets.
  • Snapfish is perhaps the best place to print canvas prints, since they have their own app that makes it supper easy to create and order your photo projects.
  • There are frequent Snapfish deals if you’re willing to wait for the right one to save on your order.


  • There’s a surprisingly limited number of size options (only eight) for such a big photo printing company—and they’re a bit pricey ($46.49 for 8×10”).

floral canvas prints on the wooden floor

7. Etsy


  • There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of options to choose from.
  • Etsy is a collection of independent shops, so no matter what your budget or vision is for your print, you’ll be able to find a shop for you.
  • In addition to custom prints, there’s tons of unique and one-of-a-kind wall art (including canvas prints) to choose from.


  • Shipping costs and options, as well as return policies, are at the discretion of the shop you order from.

8. Canvas on the Cheap


  • It’s in the name! Of all the stores on this list, they possibly have the best price on canvas prints; prints start at $7.86 for 8×8”. Look no further for the most affordable canvas prints.
  • There are a total of 32 sizes of canvas to choose from.
  • They provide a helpful FAQ resource for those who want to know more about canvas type, ink, and stretching.


  • Their file size limit is 20 MB, which could make for less-than-ideal image quality on the final product.

9. Oopsy Daisy 


  • With kid-focused art and products, this is a great option if you’re on the hunt for children’s room decor or a gift for a loved one.
  • Ready-to-ship art leaves the warehouse within 2-3 days of ordering, so you should receive your product relatively quickly.
  • There are multiple size options, but dimensions are based on which print you select.


  • You’re unable to upload your own photos and can only choose from their selection of designs. But, their sister sites, Greenbox and Wheatpaste, do offer additional options.

customized dimensions of canvas prints on the wall

10. Easy Canvas Prints


  • The best sites for custom canvas prints offer customizable dimensions—and Easy Canvas Prints does just that! Select a height and width anywhere from 8” to 60”.
  • Easy Canvas Prints is definitely on the affordable end of the spectrum; 8”x8” starts at $10.50.
  • Their easy-to-use website simplifies the ordering process.


  • The creation process is linear, so it’s difficult to explore specialty options, like framing and depth, without first uploading a file.

11. Canvaspop


  • Canvaspop has four standard sizes to choose from, as well as custom dimensions from 8” to 72”.
  • Prices start at $71 for 8”x10”, with three options for border wrapping, two depth choices, and three frame colors.
  • There are 10 filters to choose from for your print, including some that can make even low res images look better. Touch ups, enhancements, and makeovers are also available for an additional cost.
  • They’re offering 50% off canvas prints through June 2021!


  • You’ll need to wait and approve the proof they send to you, which could potentially slow down the ordering process.

12. Art.com


  • Canvas prints can be ordered in square, landscape, or portrait ratios. Sizes range from 8”x12” to 24”x36”.
  • Their interface allows you to crop, zoom, and rotate the images you upload.
  • They also offer a massive library of popular art that you can order on canvas.


  • Unless you navigate to the FAQ, there is little information provided about sizing and cost, until you begin creating a design.

a man in between two canvas prints on the wall

More Options For Wall Art

If you don’t fancy yourself a great photographer and you’re just looking for pre-made high quality canvas wall art, here are more options of where to buy canvas prints:

  • Pier 1 has hundreds of affordable canvas print options, with frequent deals and coupons to take advantage of too.
  • World Market has unique, high quality art with cultural influences from around the world. However, they do tend to edge near the pricier end of the spectrum.
  • Pottery Barn has wall art for every taste, as well as options to buy sustainably-sourced and handcrafted art. They also offer free shipping on orders over $99.
  • Michaels has quaint but creative options that are also exceedingly affordable. You could decorate your whole house with their wall art prices!  

a living room with various frame sizes of canvas prints

Find The Best Price On Canvas Prints

Whether you want to display your own photography on a beautiful canvas print, or if you just prefer the canvas aesthetic for professional art, there’s a site out there for you to order canvas prints online. Assess your budget, as well as your desire for canvas quality, and go from there!

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