6 Best Stores to Coupon at & Save Big




To be the best at online couponing, you can’t just spend hours saving coupon codes and searching for the best deals. You also have to know what the best stores to coupon at are, no matter what you’re planning on purchasing. Figuring out the best stores for couponing can take some time, but after some practice, you’ll be online couponing like a champ! Finding the best place to use coupons can sometimes depend on what products you’re searching for, while other times a one-stop shop with a huge discount offer can be a great place to start your online shopping.

Although we could easily name a thousand or more best stores for couponing, the following are some of the most highly recommended by some of our favorite personal finance experts:

bed and bath

1. Bed, Bath & Beyond

This one may come as no surprise as one of the best places to coupon. “After some thought, I’ve concluded that I really love the Bed Bath And Beyond website and their coupons! First, they come via email, snail mail, and even on the site when you browse or shop for such convenience. They are almost always applicable to sale and clearance items, too. The coupons are generic and, therefore, can be used on anything they sell (with a few minor exclusions).

Second, despite the date restrictions online, these same coupons can be used in stores and are never refused despite the expiration dates. Typically, you save dollars off as in $10 off $30 or $5 off $15, and the always welcome 20% off any single item, too. My favorite ones are the great 20% off your entire purchase which can save you huge bucks on much needed household, kitchen, and bath items.” – Gary Weiner, Super Saving Tips

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The Body Shop perfume

2. The Body Shop

“I love self care so The Body Shop is my favourite online store. I love being able to shop for natural body care products and The Body Shop have a whole range of natural products from green tea masks to ginger shampoo. I’m also signed up to the Love Your Body Club (the Body Shop’s loyalty programme), and have been offered lots of freebies, including £5 to spend on my birthday!” – Emma, Bee Money Savvy

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man fishing

3. Cabela’s

“My daughter loves to go fishing. Since the pandemic started, fishing has been one of our go-to social distancing activities. So, I’ve been doing some shopping online at Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s. I’ve found a lot of great gear to make our Daddy-Daughter fishing outings even more successful.” – Greg Johnson, Club Thrifty

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4. This is Why I’m Broke

“My favorite store to shop at is This is Why I’m Broke. It’s the perfect place to find geeky gifts, window shop, or to pick up a bionic armored t-rex costume. Forget the Rolex or German luxury cars, nothing says you have arrived more than rocking a militarized Dino suite.” – Michael Dinich, Your Money Geek

man with target shopping cart

5. Target

“Target is one store that I love to use coupons and save big because there are so many different ways to save money. The first way to save is by using manufacturing coupons that you can find online or in physical form through the mail or newspaper. Then you can also stack on top of that deals through Target Circle (sales and discounts they run themselves). After you have your receipt, you can upload it to Ibotta to check for even more savings on the items you just purchased. Another great way to save at Target is to scan the clearance ends to see if any of those products match up to your manufacture coupons or Target circle offers.” – Brittany, The Savvy Couple

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6. AliExpress

“I don’t shop in the mall as much as I used to, because you can save big money on your clothes by looking at online stores based in China. Shipping takes a bit longer, and you need to know your measurements, but you can save a lot of money on your clothes.” – Minority Mindset

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a plant in a pot full of coins

The Ultimate Way to Save Big, No Matter Which Store You Shop At

Minority Mindset said it best, “One of the fastest ways to save money is to not spend it. When I’m shopping online I like to use the free Piggy extension because it automatically generates you coupon codes as you’re checking out. Sometimes I forget it’s there and it says something along the lines of ‘Piggy can save you $10 with a coupon code’ when I’m about to place my order.”

There’s no reason to spend more when you can find the best stores to coupon at by always having the Piggy extension or Mobile App do the work for you. Online couponing is made easy by Piggy, every time. The best store to use coupons at is just a few clicks away…

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