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Black Friday

What to Buy and What Not to Buy on Black Friday



Happy Black Friday shopping!

Happy Black Friday shopping!


5.39 percent: The expected increase in online spending come Black Friday this year, according to

From $3.34 billion in spending last year, the site predicts that this time around, this famous unofficial holiday will rake in $3.52 billion in sales. With the way retailers have been stepping up their game year after year, there’s no doubt that this 2017 will be teeming with even more exciting sales. More deals that consumers won’t be able to resist = more money spent!

But as much as Black Friday is a blessing for everybody (and everybody’s wallet), it can also bring about undue stress. It’s the usual case of “shoppers on the loose” chaos: You compete with so many people to get your hands on limited stocks of the most high-tech gadgets at unbelievable prices. Is the price of physical (and mental) stress that you have to pay worth it? We say no in all circumstances.

We want to save you the stress so we’ve come up with a list of items that you should and shouldn’t buy come Black Friday. Because, in our honest opinion, the true spirit of this shopping holiday shouldn’t be lost. While there are so many irresistible deals, you shouldn’t be swayed by all. Keep your eyes on the true prizes to make the most out of Black Friday:


Costs of designer items really drop during this time of year, versus any other season. Take advantage of this! Scope out the websites of your favorite designer brands before Black Friday to see some early bird updates regarding their sales. Or, at the very least, make a wish list of the pieces you really want so you can go straight to checking out if they’re on sale come the shopping holiday.


And there will be a lot of these that will vie for your attention, but don’t be fooled. Incredible price drops on electronics doesn’t mean they’re the best quality. For big-ticket items like these, you want to get not only the best deal, but top notch quality so your purchase will last you years. Research, research, research. Head over to reputable gadget and electronic review websites to see which items will give you the most bang for your buck. Then, bookmark the stores where they are currently available at good prices. It’s highly likely that the Black Friday discounts on them will just be as awesome.


Amazon has always been one of the top retailers during Black Friday. Naturally, their best deals are their Alexa home items. They’ve also recently released new Echo products which you should keep tabs on. Amazon has definitely set a benchmark in this arena and other retailers have no plans of getting left behind, so you’re sure to get awesome discounted options from Google, Target, and Walmart, too, among others.


To be blunt about it, the deals on these items are just not worth it. Scouring racks (whether online or at the physical stores) will take up so much of your time, when in the first place, there are so many other deals much more worth your time and money on Black Friday. You’re better off purchasing these items during off-season sales.


Ultimately, the worst thing you can do on Black Friday is to overshop. Even if there are so many amazing deals, don’t be lured into getting those you don’t have room for in your life. Remember, sales, no matter how fantastic they are, aren’t always good for you. Be the same wise shopper that you are amid the sale season chaos.


More Black Friday deals and tips coming your way, so stay tuned!

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      Thank you so much for the wonderful review Jayson 🙂

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