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Black Friday

Black Friday Shopping Essentials To Arm Yourself With




It’s pretty much like any battle—you can’t go into it without the right artillery; you won’t emerge victorious without the right mindset. Winning this doesn’t just entail a strong body. More than anything, you have to strategize well. You must treat Black Friday as a serious mission for which you must be equipped with the essentials to be able to forge ahead.

Yes, that’s exactly what your Black Friday mantra should be! Thankfully, no blood will be shed, but some tears might fall if you fail to get that gadget you’ve been saving up for for so long. No one should go into Black Friday unprepared. You will be able to better maximize your money if you already do some initial research on the items you are planning to buy. Read up on how to take advantage of the features of your credit card, too. And don’t forget to map out your shopping schedule for the day (or days). Because it’s our mission to help you save big time and have a seamless online shopping experience, here’s a list of the things you need to prepare to make sure you’ll have an awesome time at the Black Friday sales:

Price Compare Guide

You can do this manually, as in scope out your target product store by store, or utilize the price comparison feature of Piggy. Google has also begun to roll out a price, reviews, and specs comparison tool which can be used between two products. Plus, it now also has buying guides for broad categories.

Allies to help you determine the legit deals from the non-legit ones

Amazon deals can be crazy good, but sometimes you might not really be getting the item at its best price. Check out the pricing history of what you want to purchase on Also download Paribus to get refunds on your purchases whose prices have dropped within a certain time frame.


Because Black Friday shopping isn’t a walk in the park! Have snacks within reach so you don’t need to get up from where you’re seated as you do some serious shopping. You wouldn’t want that deal to be snatched from you (virtual) hands!

Your Piggy app or browser extension

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