Black Friday Essentials You Need to Know




It’s pretty much like any battle—you can’t go into it without the right artillery; you won’t emerge victorious without the right mindset. Winning at Black Friday shopping won’t take a strong body. Instead, you’ll have to strategize well by reading as much Black Friday advice as you can possibly get your hands on. You must treat Black Friday as a serious mission for which you must be equipped with the essentials to be able to forge ahead. Thankfully, no blood will be shed in this battle (except those very rare occurrences when people take their Black Friday shopping a little too seriously and the cat claws come out), but some tears may fall if you fail to get that gadget you’ve been saving up for.

No one should go into Black Friday unprepared, because no one likes to waste their time and money. So, be sure you know how to take advantage of the features of your credit card, don’t forget to map out your shopping schedule for the day (or days), and take our Black Friday advice seriously, because it’s our mission to help you save big time. Here are all the Black Friday essentials you need to know to make sure you have an awesome time experiencing Black Friday sales:


Should I Wait Until Black Friday?

No! Start planning ahead for your big purchases. Look out for guides to help you choose the best brand for whatever product you’re thinking about buying ahead of time, such as this Guide to Choosing the Right TV on Black Friday we created. Even if Black Friday is weeks away, many stores will release their Black Friday sales ahead of time. If you wait until the last minute you might not have time to snatch up every deal! Start doing your research in advance so you aren’t standing around comparing products when chaos ensues and all the great deals disappear before your eyes.

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What Is Usually On Sale On Black Friday?

If you’re wondering what you should buy on Black Friday, the good news is there are certain things that go on sale pretty much every year for Black Friday. So, start prepping your shopping list so you know what to buy on Black Friday before the day begins!

Find Out What to Buy on Black Friday

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Can You Get Black Friday Deals Online?

If you haven’t realized this by now, the answer is yes! Some of the most incredible Black Friday deals can be found when you shop online. Don’t forget to include the best app in your Black Friday essentials; download Piggy to set yourself up for successful Black Friday shopping online.  The best part about shopping online is you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home and deal with the craziness in-store!

Are Black Friday Deals Worth it?

The answer is yes! But, you have to take the time to find the really extraordinary ones! Amazon deals can be crazy good, but sometimes you might not really be getting the item at its best price. Use Piggy’s Amazon Price Comparison tool when shopping on Amazon to make sure you’re getting the best deal or check out the pricing history of what you want to purchase on If you’re still now sure if Black Friday deals are worth it for you, then it’s time you start doing your research.

Here Are Some Black Friday Steals You Can’t Ignore

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How Can You Save the Most Money on Black Friday?

If you’re looking to maximize your savings to the fullest, you need to follow all of these Black Friday essentials and make sure you shop online with Piggy. It’s your one-stop shop for the best price slashes and sweetest cash back offers.

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Do Prices Stay Low After Black Friday?

Better late than never? You can never be too sure, so don’t risk it! Don’t wait around assuming stores will extend their Black Friday sales or have new, potentially better discounts for the final weeks before Christmas. Our Black Friday advice should not be taken lightly!

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The Most Important Black Friday Advice

Don’t forget to prepare some snacks! Black Friday shopping isn’t a walk in the park, and being hangry won’t make it any easier. Have snacks within reach so you don’t need to stop yourself from some serious Black Friday shopping. You wouldn’t want a deal to be snatched while you’re preparing a snack!

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