5 Black Friday Shopping Tips You Need to Save Big




How to Maximize Black Friday Savings

Giving gifts for Christmas is pretty much a standard in modern society. During the holiday season, malls are full of people and full of sales and discounts. However, if you decide to do your shopping in November, you can save yourself from a lot of last minute stress and still get all the gifts you’re searching for at great discounts. As more people are beginning to realize, the two biggest holiday shopping events of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offer recording breaking shopping opportunities every year.

Although most people see Black Friday as an insane in-store shopping event you need to literally gear up for to prepare to fight for the best deals, one of the best Black Friday tips you’ll ever learn is that it’s possible to do it all from home. This major shopping holiday has evolved as online shopping has nearly surpassed in-person shopping, so you can now get all the best Black Friday savings from your couch, without breaking a sweat, fighting over products, or waiting in long lines.

Now that you know you can do all your holiday shopping online, it’s time for you to learn the Black Friday tips you need to maximize your savings!


1. Set Your Budget in Advance

According to a 2015 research by Gallup, 30% of American adults planned to spend $1000 or more on gifts during the holidays. When you pair this holiday spending with sale offers of up to 70-80% during this time of the year, you get a lot of temptations to exceed the $1000 mark. Needless to say, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by sweet Black Friday deals if you don’t draw the line. In other words, make sure to set the maximum amount you wish to spend on Black Friday  before you start shopping. A good Black Friday tip is to decide how much each item is worth to you before you check the price tag.

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2. Prepare to Avoid Impulse Shopping

You might have heard of impulse shopping, and how retailers use different psychological tactics – such as the store layout – to make it impossible for you to resist their products. You can avoid overspending and making impulse buys by making a Black Friday shopping list in advance. This will not only help you stick to your budget and make sure you remember to buy everything on your list, it will also help you set yourself up for Black Friday research.


3. Do Your Research

Black Friday starts on Monday. Market research is not just something that companies do. With a little effort, you can do the same before you start your Black Friday shopping, while drinking your coffee and sitting in your favorite chair. If you already have a budget and a shopping list, it’s time to start looking for actual products on websites. One of the best Black Friday shopping tips is using bookmarks on your browser to save products so you can have quick access to them as soon as the sale starts, giving you a head start on other shoppers. When it comes to maximizing Black Friday savings, every second counts!

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4. Check Yourself

Review your budget, shopping list, and research the day before to check yourself and make sure you haven’t taken your Black Friday shopping beyond the reality of what you need. Ask yourself: do I really need this product? Don’t be afraid to change the items of your shopping list; they aren’t carved into stone until you click pay! The more you ensure you’re making rational decisions, the more you’ll avoid having negative feelings about your purchases.

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5. Automate Your Black Friday Savings

Everyone loves great deals; you know it, the stores know it, and we know it. Although  every  store and website will be ready to give you amazing sales and Black Friday discounts, not all of them will also hand you a bunch of coupons at check out and send you a check with cash back after your purchase. However, Piggy will!

Using coupons is a Black Friday tip you cannot ignore if you’re really looking to save. Whether it’s a free shipping promo code, additional 10% off your purchase, or a free gift with your purchase, if you install Piggy before Black Friday then you’ll be all set up to automatically apply coupons to your cart and get cash back at thousands of stores. There aren’t many Black Friday shopping tips that will save you more money than automatically applying coupons for you!

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Put These Black Friday Shopping Tips to Use!

When the holiday shopping season is just around the corner, it is time to use all these Black Friday tips to maximize your savings and get everything on your shopping list wrapped up and ready for Christmas. If you want to spend your hard earned money without stepping foot in a store, then these Black Friday shopping tips will help you shop in peace.

So don’t forget: know how much you want to spend, make a list, avoid impulse buys, do your research, audit your plan, and you’ll be set up to automate your Black Friday savings!

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