4 Booking Travel Tips Every Traveler Should Know




How to Book Travel the Right Way

It’s not only people who are rich that can afford to jaunt off to faraway places all the time. If you prioritize traveling and find the best ways to book travel that aren’t super-expensive, then anyone can travel. Here are some booking travel tips for cutting costs, so you can learn how to book travel the right way and explore the world in whatever ways you wish.

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Be Flexible About Your Accommodations

Sure, luxury hotels are nice—but when you’re traveling, it’s really about the place you’re visiting, not the hotel you’re staying at. In reality, you’ll spend a minimal amount of time in your hotel and the rest of it off exploring new places. Choosing mid-level hotels, like the Red Roof Inn, finding great deals on multiple nights by booking through Hotels.com, or looking for discounts on sites like OYO Hotels or Reservations.com are all some of the best ways to book travel if you want to maximize your savings.

Take Advantage of Travel Apps

These days there is an app for everything—so don’t forget that your smartphone can be a handy money-saving device when booking travel too. Many travel booking websites will give you additional discount codes if you download their app, so be sure to double check for these additional offers.

You can also find apps for travel guides, phrasebooks, maps, and more, in addition to apps that can help you book travel. Downloading travel apps can save you a lot of money on paper travel guides, maps, annd books, and not take up space in your luggage. Take note, however, that using data abroad can be expensive, so be sure to check in with your provider before you travel or make sure to only use data when WiFi is available.

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Be Flight Savvy

Booking cheaper flights is one of the best ways to book travel for less, because we all know airline travel can be pricey. Try breaking your flights down into separate legs—for instance, a direct flight from Toronto to Rome might be incredibly expensive; but, if you book two tickets, one from Toronto to London and one London to Rome, you could cut hundreds of dollars off your price. The airlines charge for the convenience of arranging direct flights and flights with compatible layovers, but if you do the legwork yourself, you’ll save a lot of money on air travel. Try booking your travel through agencies, like Crystal Travel, or travel websites, like OneTravel or Smartfares, to find the best flights for your trip.

Get the Best Discounts on All You Bookings

If you really want to know how to book travel in the most money savvy way, then Piggy is a great way to save a lot of money on all kinds of travel expenses, from hotels and flights to activities, tickets, luggage, and more! One of the booking travel tips you probably already know is that booking travel online is way more convenient. But, not many people realize how many free discount coupons and cash back offers there are out there to make their travel budget stretch even further. Just download our Chrome extension and Piggy will save you some serious cash.

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Put These Booking Travel Tips to Use!

You don’t have to be super wealthy to make time for travel—just follow these booking travel tips and be on the lookout for great deals to make every trip you’re dreaming about affordable for you. Learn how to book travel and finding the best ways to travel on a budget isn’t as difficult as you think, especially when you have Piggy on your side!

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