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How To Be A Bridechilla



A real bridechilla knows how to stretch a dollar, and that includes taking advantage of the great deals.

A real bridechilla knows how to stretch a dollar, and that includes taking advantage of the great deals.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. On this day, you deserve only the best, which means not just an amazing time, or for you to look as glamorous as possible—but also for the planning process to be smooth and painless.

This may sound easier to say than do, what with all the coordination and decision-making involved in planning a wedding. But here’s the deal: Most of the stress comes from your own perspective.

Being a bridechilla is all about keeping your cool and staying optimistic in the midst of the stress or things not going your way. It’s about keeping an open mind and being flexible, without compromising your personal taste, and is mostly about enjoying the whole process because the prize at the end makes it all worthwhile.

What Is a Bridechilla?

A bridechilla is cool and relaxed. She wants everyone to be happy and never puts ridiculous demands on anyone.

A bridechilla remains calm and easy going during the entire wedding planning experience. She puts her focus on the reason behind the celebration: Her and her future husband. A bridechilla would never say things like, “Don’t ruin my day!”. Your wedding day is just one of the many milestones you will have in your life, so keep your cool.

Bridechillas don’t care about throwing the biggest and most expensive party of the decade. Keep your focus on the end goal—your marriage—and don’t worry about whose wedding was the most elaborate.

A bridechilla does her best. And if a few minor things don’t go exactly as planned, no big deal.

The most important trait of a bridechilla is her ability to remember the end result. She will be married to the man of her dreams. Your wedding is only one day out of your life. Your marriage is forever.

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Planning a wedding should be a great experience, and it will be if you remember the traits of a bridechilla and just enjoy yourself!