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The European continent is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There is almost a “must-see” list at this point, making certain spots even more packed with tourists. Luckily, there are endless undiscovered gems in more off the beaten trail places that you can still visit on a budget.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, which lies at the heart of Eastern Europe, is a surprisingly wonderful city that’s only starting to gain popularity. When you step off the train, there is instantly the sense of slightly more chaos than its well-organized neighbors. Budapest also has the bonus of not being on the Euro and still use the Hungarian Forint, so everything is even cheaper. It has some of the most beautiful architecture and is also home to a series of natural thermal springs, which you can visit for about the price of $10.

Berlin, Germany

While Berlin is a very popular tourist destination, it has somehow remained a very affordable place to visit. Berlin is a vast city with more than you could possibly see in one visit, between the East Side Gallery, the Reichstag and Brandenburg Tor, the Holocaust Memorial, not to mention the countless beer gardens, it is a city full of history. The Berlin nightlife is also not to be missed: If you haven’t stayed up until 9AM, gotten breakfast, and gone back to the club, you haven’t properly experienced Berlin.

Albanian Riviera, Albania

The Albanian Riviera is probably something that has never crossed your mind, by does it have a lot to offer. Between beautiful snowcapped mountains, a gorgeous coastline that could rival Italy for France, and ancient ruins, Albania is a true hidden gem. It also has one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, so if you’re looking for a beach vacay on a dime, this is the perfect option.

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal has all of the charm that we’ve come to love about Spain, but at a fraction of the price. Lisbon is a port city, located right on the Atlantic Ocean and situated up on a series of hills. That means you get some amazing and dramatic views of the turbulent water. It is also home to tons of fiercely competitive hotels, so you’re likely to find some amazing deals on accommodations.

Athens, Greece

Athens is one of the most ancient and historic cities in Europe. While Greece is on the Euro, they had some severe economic troubles in the past few years, causing the prices of everything to plummet. They are targeting tourists to help bolster their economy, and thus offering incredible deals on everything from accommodations to food and drink. And for the history lover, the ability to visit the Acropolis and other incredible relics of ancient Greece is unbeatable.

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