5 Budget Friendly Spring Date Ideas




Spring has finally sprung, and with Winter seemingly in the rearview, many couples are becoming increasingly antsy in their respective homes. And while the thought of big, extravagant, romantic vacations may be nice, financially it just may not be in the cards. However, no matter what part of the country you’re in, there are plenty of inexpensive, yet thoughtful spring date ideas for couples to try out. These springtime dates are both budget friendly and perfect for the season!

couple sitting on the rock at the top of the mountain

1. Find the Best Hiking Spots 

You and your significant other may be the type that loves nothing more than residing in and connecting with nature anytime the sun so much as peeks through the clouds. As the weather gets nicer and nicer, if you’re looking for ways to scratch that outdoor explorer itch with your partner, look no further than walking local trails or hiking state parks in your area. You’d be surprised how many beautiful landscapes exist in your own backyard!

If you happen to be somewhat of a novice to the whole hiking scene and you’re not quite sure where to start, AllTrails has a comprehensive list of great hiking spots specific to any area, with reviews from other hikers and outdoor enthusiasts completely for free. So, even if you have limited knowledge, you can still plan the perfect springtime dates in the woods or the mountains to enjoy the scenery with your partner.

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foods prepared on a pink mat for picnic

2. Plan the Perfect Picnic 

If you’re the type that wants to spend your time outdoors, but you don’t want to expend too much energy being physically active, you may prefer just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in the backyard with a cute picnic springtime date. Planning a picnic can be one of the most romantic spring date ideas, and you don’t have to break the bank to make it special! All you really need are a few snacks and your favorite drinks to get that Instagram worthy shot.

If you spend more time than you anticipated setting things up and don’t have time to run to the grocery store, you can use an online delivery service in order to acquire all of your picnic essentials. While a typical picnic consists of things like cheese and crackers, sandwiches, fruits, and maybe even a bottle of wine, you can realistically include whatever sorts of treats you want in your picnic. However, that old timey wicker basket is a must if you’re hoping to create a truly classic springtime date. 

Setting up your picnic in the backyard might be fine and all, but if perhaps you want a little change in scenery, then finding a local park or lakefront to set up at might be a great alternative. In some cases it can even enhance the date’s experience.

couple watching sunset

3. Watch the Sunset & Dabble in Stargazing 

If you’re the two birds, one stone type and you are looking for an even more extravagant cheap date idea for couples to make your night extra special, then you may want to pair your picnic with a gorgeous sunset. Planning a quality springtime date night with your significant other that features watching the sunset may take some effort though, as it is usually a very quick occurrence! Be sure to think ahead and get to your set location early. You can look online to see the exact time the sun will be setting in your area so you don’t end up missing the sunset entirely. 

Once the sun finally sets, if you’re feeling up to it, stick around and catch another one of the universe’s greatest anomalies by stargazing. As with watching the sunset, stargazing may take a bit of planning so you won’t get all set up for your date only to have the clouds blocking your view of the night sky. Additionally, checking the weather will be very advantageous, since the temperature drastically drops at night. Just prepare for chillier temperatures by packing blankets or extra clothes to keep you and your date warm.

These two are great budget friendly date ideas for couples because they won’t cost you a single penny, but a bit of strategic planning may be required. 

couple sitting on the car

4. Enjoy a Late Night Drive

If you’re looking for a cheap date idea for couples that won’t require much planning at all, a late night drive might be right up your alley. This may not be the ideal springtime date idea for everyone, but for many, driving can be extremely relaxing and doing so with your partner can make for a great way to connect. Driving with no specific destination and just talking and getting to know your partner can be very rewarding too. Even if you do include a destination or some stops along the way, you can drive by places that are unique to your area or sentimental to you, which will give you things to discuss with your loved one.

Obviously, you don’t have to drive at night specifically, as daytime drives in spring can be equally as nostalgic, so it really all depends on your preferences or personal schedules. 

This is one of the best budget date ideas, because the only costs involved are the gas for your vehicle, so the less you drive, the less the date will cost you. It goes without saying that you will need access to a vehicle in order to go on this kind of springtime date though!

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couple biking

5. Bike in Your Area 

If you are one of those city dwellers or diehard commuters that don’t have access to your own vehicle, then biking may be a more viable option for your springtime date. If you don’t have access to a bike of your own too, don’t worry! Many parks and cities offer access to community bikes that you can rent for fairly cheap. Depending how busy your surrounding area is, it may be a bit more tough to talk and connect while you’re riding. However, this springtime date idea will give you and your significant other a great opportunity to stay active while exploring your immediate area, and simply enjoying one another’s company too. Be sure to pack some water so you can stay hydrated if you’re planning on a more extensive bike ride for your date. 

couple in the field full of tulip

Spring Date Ideas For Couples Can Fit Any Budget

Date nights don’t have to include fancy, expensive dinners or trips. Most of the time, it’s the more intimate, thoughtful, budget friendly date ideas like the ones above that couples remember most fondly. As the weather gets even more pleasant, you’ll find these spring date ideas are the perfect ways to spend meaningful time with your significant other.

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