• Traveling doesn’t need to equate to debt, and in fact, can go hand-in-hand with saving.


We won’t tell you to research on the best budget hostels. Nor to book flights during off-season and shoulder-season. Nor to compile a list of cheap eats found in the city you’re going to. Those are all standard budget travel tips, and we’re pretty sure you know them already — what you’ll find as you read on are not-often (or perhaps not-at-all) heard gems guaranteed to make your international travel wonderful on so many levels, even if you’re on a budget (besides downloading and using Piggy, of course):

Crowdsource, well, a crowd.

Or at least a person. You know how people like posting status updates on Facebook asking for recommendations? Give this your own spin by asking your friends list who among them would be happy to accommodate you at their place or show you around when you’re in their area (you may also message them privately if a public status isn’t your thing ). Bonus: You’ll get to reconnect with long-lost friends or family in the process.

Channel Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz in The Holiday.

Yes, exchange homes with someone from your dream destination! Head over to homeexchange.com where you can partner with like-minded individuals to get everyone’s ideal vacation. You’ll love how they’ve set up tools, rules, and hotlines to ensure every home swapper’s safety — so you can live it up like a local without worries.

Picnic your days away.

Check out the local farmer’s market or grocery and shop for fruits, vegetables, and the city’s traditional snacks, which will surely be cheaper there. Head over to the park or a beach front and enjoy the scenery with your meal (don’t forget to pack a shopping/market bag in your luggage!).

Bid and succeed.

Name your own price — be it for airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, and vacation packages, all at priceline.com. Yes, it works as simple as it sounds: Just tell them the dates you want to travel and the price you want to pay for each ticket. Priceline chooses regularly scheduled flights on major airlines where the airlines have unsold seats (all flights may include up to one stop or connection, though they may ask if you are willing to make two stops on certain international routes).

May you get to explore most of the world in your lifetime — because as you can see, traveling doesn’t need to equate to debt, and in fact, can go hand-in-hand with saving. Cheers to more adventures!

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