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Get Your First Pair of Subscription Glasses Free



Get Your First Pair of Glasses Free

I have worn glasses lenses my entire life, that’s one fun fact about me. I’m blind as a bat, so I badly need them. I switch back and forth between glasses and contact lenses, but for the longest time, I have had this same pair of eyeglasses. Obviously my face grows, I get bigger, I get older. I definitely needed a new eyewear.

Eyeglasses nowadays have become really stylish. Gone are the days when glasses all look the same. Glasses have now become a total trend and people are really into them.

I was checking my emails when I came across in my inbox. I did a tiny bit of web research on them and learned that since 2004, has delivered over a million pairs of eyeglasses –  and they want to offer Me my first pair FREE!

They also offer the trendiest frames, light weight and durable, and lenses that are high quality and fit your prescription perfectly.

Their whole thing is nothing over $40. What sets them apart is that they’re really affordable. Very nice quality, but at a really great price. They’re extremely comfortable which is amazing. I am super impressed with these because my old glasses were the opposite of that.

For me, they are the best glasses company because of the deals they email me everyday such as. Buy One, Get One Free, and Buy 9 frames starting only at $6.95 plus I get an extra 20% off! How’s that for a deal? Of course I bought all of these using my Piggy account which just made the deal even sweeter.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your first pair of eyewear!

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