Spring cleaning is also about wisely updating what you have with worthy and pocket-friendly finds.
Spring cleaning is also about wisely updating what you have with worthy and pocket-friendly finds.


Love it or hate it, 72% of Americans do spring cleaning in some form or another, says statistics portal statista.com. At Piggy, we like to think of ourselves as a daily “spring cleaning” boost for your shopping habits, aiding you in finding the best deals and discounts from among the wide sea of saving promises online. But we’re also your ultimate resource when it comes to life hacks that will help you level up your savings. Read on as we show you how to really ace the “buy, keep, throw” strategy:

Throw: Clothes you won’t ever wear

If you can’t remember wearing it in the past year, it’s time to get rid of it. According to the Wall Street Journal, most people only wear 20% of their current wardrobe. Meaning, 80% of your closet is being wasted. Clearing these items out lets you eliminate the clutter and focus on the items that you do wear. According to Upworthy, “North Americans throw away roughly 81 pounds of textiles a year per person,” making it important to donate.

Throw: Broken and obsolete tech

You probably have more than a few old phones and unidentified cables hidden somewhere in your house that you can get rid of. Besides the benefit of having more space for items that you do use, if you sell them you can build your savings for the next device. CIO has a great list of places to start. If your tech is too old to sell, see if any of it can be recycled instead.

Throw: Old books and DVDs

If you won’t use them again, it’s time to send them off to someone who will. These items take up a lot of space, especially when you likely enjoy most of your movies and books in digital format. DVDs 4 Vets and Reader to Reader are great options for donating your old media so that you can benefit others while cleaning up your own collections.

Keep: Important financial records

A lot of paper clutter can be eliminated without a second thought, but some documents, such as tax returns, annual investment statements, and home purchase receipts should be kept. Business Insider offers info on how long to keep these documents that you may need in case of a major life event or audit.

Keep: Items that can be repurposed into new life.

Homesteading website Live Green and Frugally suggests a list of items that can be used in new ways, from leftover lip balm to plastic containers. Rather than contributing to the million tons of trash Americans generate annually, you can turn them into something useful.

Keep: Only the things that bring you joy

One clutter-eliminating strategy that has been gaining popularity, KonMari aka Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is focused on simplifying both life and possessions by getting rid of items that no longer inspire joy.

Buy: Organization tools to keep everything neat and tidy, but make sure they are functional

Try the Container Store with 3 percent cash back or $200 off $1,000 at Quill.com through Piggy.

Buy: Give your space a spring refresh with new home decor

Awesome deals abound when you use Piggy, such as 15 percent off at Kohl’s or up to $29 off wall decor at Rosegal.

Buy: A quick getaway to take a break after the spring cleaning is done

Groupon is a great place to start your search, with 25 percent off for new customers.


Spring cleaning isn’t just throwing out what you no longer need or want. It’s also about wisely updating what you have with worthy and pocket-friendly finds, darlings!

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