Jeans are such an important part of almost any person’s wardrobe.

I’ve said it a bunch of times and I will say it again, the single most versatile pair that you own are jeans. There is nothing that looks better, more dynamite, more versatile than an amazing pair of jeans that fits you perfectly.

I love clothing. I love clothing so much probably some would say a little bit too much. But one thing I have a really difficult time doing is spending money and justifying money spent on jeans. Sometimes there are great deals you get that end up being the worst because the pieces you purchase end up being of bad quality and last 2 wears, or they shrink the first time you stick them in the washing machine when the tag says, “machine wash cold”.

So I have been on the market for a new pair of denim, Told myself, “okay I’m going to get the old standby.” As luck or destiny denim destiny would have it, I stumbled upon American Eagle Outfitters’ website and in all caps their page says: “UP TO 50% OFF THE HOLIDAY COLLECTION” and the good news is? There are JEANS , lots of them! Plus, I got a Piggy account which would mean I’ll be saving 2.0% more.

American Eagle jeans are one of my favorites when it comes to cheaper denim. Their jeans have such a great fit (and how fabulous they look tucked into boots!). The back pockets are always placed perfectly and enhance the butt rather than flatten or put it out of shape, so that’s the selling point for me. The styles they have on offer are hot. They do denim in every cut you need and multiple washes. They definitely keep up with the trends and with a price point averaging at $50, you can’t go wrong! American Eagle jeans are a brand that I definitely recommend when on a budget. They do both men’s and women’s jeans.

Jeggings. They are the optimal solution when seeking style and comfort. This love child of jeans and leggings combines the coverage and second-skin silhouette of skinny jeans with a variety of options. Some include real (or faux) zippers, back pockets, and other detailing. Unlike regular denim, they contain more Lycra, so they’re easy to slip on and move around in. Worried that jeggings will make you look bigger than you really are? Just opt for a dark pair that will go with everything from a tank to a tunic. Check this ripped jeggings from AEO 

This stretchable jeans is your go-to pants whether you’re heading to dinner, watching a football game, going to a rainy Luke Bryan concert, or running errands and shopping.

For guys, when you want to feel good AND be comfortable. This AEO extreme flex original straight jean lets you feel like your best self.

All these beautiful jeans under $50 with free shipping! I’m pretty sure my whole family got most of ours for around $20 because we waited for the best deals using Piggy. I highly suggest these jeans! You will not be disappointed!

Scroll through their website for so many styles and a range of price points – there are several under $50.  And remember to have a little fun with it – statement jewels, a bold pair of heels, an unexpected belt, whatever. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season ahead.

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