What are you waiting for? Head over to Ebay now and shop to your heart’s content!
What are you waiting for? Head over to eBay now and shop to your heart’s content!


What can be better than the irresistible variety of deals available on eBay that covers practically anything and everything we need in our lives? Major cash back from this ever-reliable online shopping haven, that’s what! And when we say major, we’re not just talking about 10 percent, not even thirty—but 50 percent!

eBay has given Piggy a 50 percent increase in cash back, and we’re passing on this unbelievable offer to you! Shop all you want and get up to 1.5% cashback added to your Piggy account. More funds for shopping, or more money saved—either way, it’s a total win-win for you. Plus, since you’re starting off from their already wonderfully-priced selection of items, it’s just an awesome shopping experience all the way—both for you and your wallet. Use your rewards credit card and earn a total of 2.5-3% of your purchase back as cashback!

Here are some of their many hot promotions that you must check out:

The eBay Pop Up Shop

This is an exciting special sale of the coolest accessories. Handbags, eyewear, jewelry, and more at their best price ever. As in, everything. Coach eyewear starts at $48 (original price $170), Calvin Klein watches start at $64 (original price $265), Dooney & Burke bags start at $69 (original price 178), and more sweet deals!

Daily Deals

Their treasure trove of almost every imaginable deal out there, from Dyson fans and heaters at more than 50% off, HP laptops at more than 40% off, the Samsung Galaxy S8 at 27% off, and clothes and toys and home and garden items at really awesome prices.

Halloween Costumes from $9.99

Everyone in the whole family can look their mystical/scary best with these costumes and dress up items that are so kind on your budget.

Fall’s Fashion Must-Haves 

A new season makes for the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe. And eBay makes the whole process more fun and way easier for you with their 400+ piece selection of the most up-to-date and stylish pieces for fall at prices that won’t make you fall apart.


Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to get those gifts and much needed items now! (No special terms required!) What are you waiting for? Head over to eBay now and shop to your heart’s content with 1.5% Cashback!

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