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Celebrate Wine Day and Start Off Your Week Right



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Many of us love to enjoy a good glass of Pinot Grigio or Cabernet Sauvignon now and again. And pairing a quality wine with a delectable dish is a great way to top off an enjoyable meal. Wine can be enjoyed with our food, when hanging out at friends, or even when binge watching our favorite Netflix shows.

In fact, wine even has certain health benefits. Studies have shown that drinking a moderate amount of red wine may reduce the onset of cardiovascular disease.

And to show our appreciation for wine, we all have the opportunity to raise a glass and celebrate this timeless beverage this February 18th when wine lovers all across the U.S. can toast to National Drink Wine Day!

This special day is celebrated annually as a way to appreciate and enjoy wine and all the benefits that it comes with. If you want to jump on the bandwagon and recognize National Drink Wine Day with many other fellow wine drinkers, here are some ideas to celebrate this fun occasion.

Enroll in a Wine Class

Did you know that there are more than 10,000 different varieties of wine grapes across the globe? And from those stem hundreds of different types of wines to enjoy. But about 16% of Americans don’t know anything about the varieties of wines that are available.

If you’re one of these 16%, then perhaps it might be time to take part in a wine class! Sure, you might be an expert in drinking wine, but that doesn’t mean you know enough about what you’re sipping on.

To gain a deeper appreciation for wine, consider taking a wine class this National Drink Wine Day. You can learn a great deal about all the different wine grapes and the wines that they’re made from and enrich your wine tasting experience.

Read a Book About Wine

If you want to learn more about wine but want to do so at your own pace, then pick up a book on wine and read it at your convenience. You’ll learn not only about the different types of wine out there, but also how it’s made. And while you’re reading about wine, be sure to pair your reading with a glass of your favorite vino item!

Organize a Wine Potluck Party

We’ve all been to parties and get-togethers where each guest is asked to bring a specific dish. That way everyone can enjoy a big meal to save overburdening one person with all the responsibility of feeding everyone.

Well, instead of a traditional potluck party, have a “wine potluck” party! Swap the food dishes for bottles of wine so everyone at the event has a chance to sample all sorts of different wines in one place. Just be sure to provide some appetizers so no one is drinking without any food in their stomachs.

Go Wine Tasting

Take the wine sampling outside and hit up all the local vineyards. Grab a few of your wine-loving friends and hop from one winery to another to try a few different varieties. Not only will you be enjoying some magnificent wines and the company of your friends, you’ll also get to take in the gorgeous views of the rolling hills and grape vines while supporting local family winery businesses near you. It’s a win-win!

Buy a High-Quality Bottle of Wine

You might have your go-to bottle of wine that you enjoy on a regular basis, but on National Drink Wine Day, now’s your excuse to try something fancier. You might be spending a little more money on a better bottle of vino, but it’s a special occasion, after all! If there’s a bottle that you’ve had your eye on for a while now, now is the perfect opportunity to grab it and savor new smells and flavors.

Go to a Wine Bar

There’s your average local bar, and then there’s a “wine bar.” The latter specializes in offering all the wines of the world and is the perfect place to celebrate National Drink Wine Day.

Take some of your friends with you and gather around the bar where a wine specialist will offer you glasses of different types of wines while explaining where they’re from and what types of flavors you can expect to experience from each. It’s a truly unique experience that all wine lovers should try at least once, and February 18th is the perfect time to do it!

Get Yourself an Arsenal of New Wine Accessories

While the wine itself is the focal point, you can’t really enjoy it without specific favorite items. This National Drink Wine Day, go shopping and gift yourself with some awesome accessories that will make your wine tasting even more enjoyable, including the following:

Bottle opener – For starters, you’ll need a good bottle opener. While there are plenty of different products out there, some bottle openers are better than others. Get yourself a high-quality opener that makes bottle opening a breeze. And be sure to use a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon to help you shave a few bucks off your new purchase, whether you buy online or in store.

Bottle topper – Unless you plan to finish that bottle of wine, you’ll need to seal it so the wine keeps well until the next time you open the bottle. But instead of a boring cork, go shopping in-store or online for a fancy bottle topper.

Glasses – You’re going to need a glass to drink out of, but rather than sipping out of your everyday wine glasses, get yourself something more elegant that is more appropriate for a special holiday like National Drink Wine Day!

Glass charms – In order for everyone to keep tabs on which wine glass is theirs, deck them out with wine charms to make recognizing each other’s wine glasses a cinch. These products are easy to find at many kitchen appliances stores, or you can never go wrong with shopping online.

Go Shopping For All Your Favorite Wines and Associated Products!

In anticipation of National Drink Wine Day on February 18th, make sure you’re prepared with all your favorite wines and wine-associated products to make this day extra special. Hit up the stores and round up all the goodies you need to celebrate, and don’t forget to shop with coupons in hand or have a coupon code handy to knock a bundle off your entire purchase.

Enjoy National Drink Wine Day!

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