Cheap Bulk Gift Ideas to Make Your Life Easier




How to Maximize Savings on Bulk Gifts

Did you know that there’s a way to make your life simpler? Yes, you might already get good deals by purchasing bulk gift items wholesale, but with the available discounts from Piggy‘s partner stores you can double, or triple your savings! This money savvy hack is oh so perfect for the upcoming holiday season, and it will help you buy gifts in bulk online, so you can avoid long lines at the checkout too. You can find unique and thoughtful bulk gifts for everyone in your life, no matter their age and interests, from Piggy’s thousands of site partners.

5 Cheap Bulk Gift Ideas

For starters, we’ve put together a list of bulk gift ideas that will easily capture anyone’s heart.

holiday socks

Mini Stockings

Holiday socks are scattered throughout any retail store, whether online or in person, around the holidays. Rather than buying holiday socks individually, purchase a larger pack of holiday socks at Walmart that you can divide to be individual gifts. To take this bulk gift to the next level, purchase a giant bag of candy and throw a handful in each sock. Tie a ribbon around the top and you’ll have a festive mini stocking to easily give to anyone on your list.


Holiday Candles

You can find plenty of cheap bulk gifts at candle stores. With loads of holiday-themed scents coming out for the holiday season, you can find everything from cinnamon rolls to evergreen trees to apple pie or peppermint scented candles. If you look at larger sizes, you’ll definitely notice the price tag is anything but cheap, but tea light candles are incredibly inexpensive so they make the perfect bulk gifts. Buy a bunch of tea light candles in whatever holiday scent you like most from Yankee Candle, and then get a bunch of small glass jars at Dollar General. You can make your gift extra festive if you find red or green glass jars. Place one candle in each jar, tie a ribbon around the top, and you’ve got a cheap bulk gift for anyone on your list.

face mask

Spa Package

You don’t have to give someone a 1 hour body massage or a day trip to a spa to give them a space experience. You can create your own spa package by getting a bunch of bulk gifts and dividing them into bags for each person on your list. Start with buying face mask sets from Ulta, then get a bunch of skin case minis from Sephora, and then grab a bunch of travel sized products from Target, like face wipes, body lotion, or perfume. Throw a pack of gift bags in your online shopping cart and then put your mini-spa package together. This is one of those cheap bulk gifts that will be well appreciated after the stress of the holidays.


Hair Care Kit

There are plenty of hair products and accessories you can buy in bulk online, which makes them great bulk gift ideas. When you put them all together, no one will even know you bought cheap bulk gifts to save money. Get full sized hair products from Aveda with 10% cash back, and then repackage them into smaller bottles. Grab a variety of discounted hair masks or travel size treatments from Kerastase Hair that you can pair with each bottle of hair product. Pick up a few packs of hair ties or coils from Walmart. Put all the hair products together in a gift bag and you have a hair care kit that no one will realize is filled with bulk gift items.

peppermint bark

Holiday Treats

You’ve seen the giant jars of peppermint bark at Target or Christmas cookies and biscuits at Sam’s Club before right? Well, when divided, these can make amazing bulk gift ideas! Just buy a load of bulk holiday treats, get a few sets of holiday-themed tins from Joann or another craft store, and you’ll have a sweet bulk gift for anyone on your list. These are especially great bulk gift ideas for coworkers, neighbors, or your kids’ teachers.

Bulk Gifts Will Make Your Life Easier

No one wants to spend the holiday season stressing about every gift on their list, so make your life easier by taking these cheap bulk gift ideas and putting them to use! Use Piggy today to take your holiday shopping budget to new heights, and spread holiday cheer like you’ve never done before.

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