5 Tips for Buying Cheap School Supplies Online




School supplies are the tools your kids will use to reach their full potential, so not just anything will do right? While finding bargains feels great, it’s not worth saving a little money if you’re buying low-quality things that will break and need to be replaced. And we all know kids have a special talent at breaking the simplest things.

If you’re searching for where to buy school supplies or you want to know who has the cheapest school supplies, then Piggy can help you find cheap school supplies online without sacrificing quality. Here are our best tips for buying school supplies this year, including where to buy cheap school supplies online:

1. Chat Up Other Parents

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If your child is entering third grade this year, there’s no greater expert on what she’ll actually need than the parents of a kid who just finished third grade! Even better if you find a parent whose child had the same teacher as your child will have. If that is the case then you can get advice about what type of school supplies your kid will need, as well as where to buy school supplies the teacher requires. You’d be surprised at some of the random things kids need for certain class projects or activities, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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2. Scout Supplies In-Store

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If you buy cheap school supplies online it will surely be convenient and save you money (if you shop online with Piggy!), but sometimes you want to see what you’re buying in advance, we get it! You don’t want your child’s pencil breaking every two seconds right? If you’re one of those parents that have “see to believe” that the school supplies are as high quality as they say they are, you can always take scouting trips to the store in person to see which notebooks seem most durable or which binders have the most pockets. Then run home and jump on the store’s website to order school supplies online and get the best deal.

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3. Think Worst-Case Scenario

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Debating between a $20 backpack and a $60 backpack? Think about what the consequences might be if you buy the cheaper one; if the strap breaks or the seams tear, your child will end up losing things or potentially needing a new backpack half way through the school year. Although knowing who has the cheapest school supplies will save you money, you still have to know who has the reliable quality too!

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4. Buy in Bulk

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Once you’ve found out where to buy school supplies cheap, buy them in bulk to multiply your savings! Your child is guaranteed to need the basics, like notebooks, binders, and pencils, all year, so stock up during Back to School season when stores have great deals on school supplies.

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5. Ask Teachers

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Whenever you’re torn between calculator A and calculator B, call the school’s main office or contact your child’s teacher. They’re experts on school essentials and can help you make the right call about things like whether your child needs name-brand art supplies, or whether Target‘s store brand (which gives you 1 percent cash back) will do. And come on, we all know teachers are buying supplies all the time and trying not to pay too much out of pocket, so they always know who has the cheapest school supplies.

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Getting Cheap School Supplies Online Will Make Back to School a Breeze!

Back to school can be an emotional time for some parents, whether your baby is starting kindergarten or preparing for their final year of high school, sending your kids back to school for another year means they’re really growing up! Between back to school clothes shopping, your kids have been gobbling up snacks all summer long, or all those summer vacations you took full advantage of, your budget might be a little stretched, so don’t make buying school supplies add to your stress. Now that you know where to buy cheap school supplies online, you can set yourself and your child up for an awesome new year of learning and growing!

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