Choosing the Right TV on Black Friday




Hunting for a TV on Black Friday? You’re not alone. But with so many deals on different brands and models, it can be hard to pick the right one. This guide will be a good primer to help you find the best Black Friday TV for you.

First Things First: Are TVs on Black Friday Lower Quality?

So, this is a tricky answer. The short answer is “usually.” Some bigger brands will produce TVs specifically for Black Friday sales that are lower quality. You can identify them by comparing the model number to a TV you were considering that was on sale to tell the difference.

However, this doesn’t mean all TVs on sale will be like this. Plenty of TV’s on sale will have sales on them that are not produced specifically for Black Friday – they just may not be the lowest discounted. But that’s okay! Think quality rather than price. Also, think beyond the dollar tag on the item. Remember that Black Friday offers tons of creative discounts if you’re savvy – including cashback and other coupons. When something is higher but you want additional savings, look for the cashback.

Sounds Good – So How Do I Find a Good Black Friday TV?

This is easy, provided you’re doing your research.

First, research what TVs are on sale. Easy. There are Black Friday deals posted all over the place. Any store you go to will have a Black Friday flyer in-store or online. They’re not going to keep it a secret after all! Use that, take a look at some of the Black Friday TVs. Choose a few. Think about size, specs, features, all that jazz. This is easy!

Next, use an agnostic review site. I personally love using I used it to pick my last TV when I was having trouble. They’re incredibly thorough on their reviews, rating and reviewing areas I didn’t even consider but greatly impacted my television viewing experience. They also will help you determine what the TV is best-suited for using. Do you plan on upgrading your gaming on Black Friday with a new console to go with your TV? Better plan to get a TV that reduces headaches you may not think about until it’s too late, like having your control inputs lag.

Speaking of…

Choose Your Black Friday TV Based on Your Needs

Let’s be honest: when you look beyond basic features (more on that in a moment) your TV will be pretty unique. Using a TV for gaming requires some very different needs than using one to watch the Criterion Collection DVDs you have sitting in a basket under the TV.

You need to think about what you’re going to be using your TV for, rather than just picking one blindly – especially if you’re using the TV for gaming or sports. Research is so crucial at this point in your purchase. is perfect for this. You can choose the best TVs based on what they’re used for, as well as search by what you’d use the TV to find the best ones in that category. Are you a sports fanatic that needs every spin of the football in perfect clarity? You’re going to have a much different set of needs than someone watching HD movies. Know your needs, and know what TVs are good for that.

Now, Let’s Talk About Those TV Terms…

OLED vs LED? 4K or 8K? Refresh rates? You’ll see a lot of terms like this when you look for TVs. If you’re confused by them, don’t worry – you’re not alone. You can find plenty of articles explaining these with incredible depths, but let’s keep this simple.

  • LED: Stands for light-emitting diode, but you probably won’t remember that. You won’t have to though. LED TVs have backlights that control individual areas of the screen, rather than giant tubes like an LCD. The easiest way to explain this: a Lite-Brite versus a fluorescent tube. LED TVs are like Lite-Brites – tons of individual lights, rather than the long tubes.
  • OLED: Sound like LED with a little extra? It’s quite different. But what you need to know is that OLED uses the pixels on the screen, rather than the lights behind the screen, to illuminate the picture. Since they illuminate “themselves” they’re a bit brighter and offer more vibrant colors.
  • 4K and 8K: This is the resolution. There is various media available in 4K, from Netflix to 4K movies, but you’ll need to make sure you can either stream the media or have a 4K player. Gaming consoles, such as the XBOX One X and the Playstation 4 Pro can render in 4K. If you don’t have anything that can play 4K this is a good future-proofing solution. Also, some media can raise their resolution to fit 4K screens. It won’t look as sharp as true 4K, but it will look good! There are a few 8K TVs out there, you may see them, but not a lot can be done to capture true 8K.
  • Refresh Rates: this is how often the picture refreshes on the screen. Think of it as a flipbook. The higher the refresh rate, the more the pages packed together, the clearer the movement on the flipbook looks. This is great for sports and games. Look hard for this – RTINGS can tell you which TVs have what refresh rates.

Finding the Best Black Friday TV Deals

Want the best deals this Black Friday, for TVs and more? Be sure you’re being a savvy shopper, and be sure to install the Piggy browser plugin for your online shopping. This plugin will help you find the best deals, compare prices, and uncover additional discounts and cashback automatically. It’s free, so check it out at to get started!

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