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What Clothes To Buy For Cold Weather

Whether winter is in full swing or you have just a few more weeks of frigid winter weather left to go, staying warm is essential to surviving the cold months of the year. In order to say warm, it’s crucial to know how to dress properly for the winter months. Sure, you need a coat and a pair of boots, but don’t limit your cold weather essentials to the bare minimum. The truth is, there’s a lot more that goes into shopping and dressing appropriately for the winter if you really want to stay warm.

winter gear

When you’re searching for winter necessities, the quality of your clothes and other accessories can make a big difference in how well you stay warm and toasty, and possibly enjoy winter. However, quality winter clothing products can sometimes be pricey, especially when you consider all the different cold weather must haves you’ll need to stay warm from head to toe. Luckily, you can find deals on cold weather necessities online by using Piggy for every purchase, which will earn you cash back at dozens of stores along with automatic coupon savings.

Before you get your winter shopping started, here are some of the most important cold weather essentials you need to purchase before the temperature drops, and a few deals on winter necessities to save you money!

1. Warm Hat

family playing in snow

Did you know that you can lose as much as 10% of your body heat through your head? If you don’t cover up your head, you’ll find yourself getting colder faster, regardless of what else you might be wearing. So, a quality hat—and anything else that can keep you warm from the chin up—is just one of many winter necessities that should become a staple of your winter getup to ensure you stay properly bundled up.

When it comes to saving money on winter accessories, using Kohls coupons can help you save a few bucks on a wide selection of winter hats and other cold weather essentials.

2. Thermal Socks

Do you ever notice that when your feet are cold, the rest of your body follows suit pretty quickly? Don’t ever underestimate the role your feet play in keeping you warm. Instead of throwing on a regular pair of socks, get yourself a pair of warm thermal socks that are specifically designed to offer the ultimate in warmth and comfort. Considering how much work your feet do walking around everyday and how close they are to the cold ground, it makes sense not to skimp on a good quality pair of thermal socks when you’re shopping for cold weather essentials.

3. Waterproof Boots

winter boots

Your boots should not only keep your feet warm, but dry, too. The winter boots you purchase must be waterproof to prevent freezing water from seeping in and soaking your feet, otherwise they aren’t really cold weather essentials. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than cold, wet feet during an icy winter day.

Waterproof winter boots can be expensive, but don’t worry. You can save yourself some money on winter boots by looking for good deals and using online coupon codes for boots.

4. Touchscreen Gloves

Taking your gloves off every time your phone dings can leave your fingers vulnerable to the cold. In extremely frigid temperatures, even exposing your fingers for a minute or two can cause major discomfort. Unfortunately, touchscreen phones don’t work with your average pair of gloves or mittens, making touchscreen gloves a cold weather must have. These handy gloves are great for helping you use your mobile device outside in the cold weather so you never feel like your fingers are about to freeze off. There’s no need to remove your gloves in order to operate your smartphone’s touch screen if you’re wearing touchscreen gloves with innovative  technology that can pick up every tap through the fabric.

5. Long Winter Jacket

girl wearing a winter coat

A winter coat is probably the most obvious cold weather essential you need to survive the winter, but the type of coat you get matters greatly. Unfortunately, many people wind up buying themselves winter jackets that are not properly lined, not long enough, or not durable enough to last through the winter months. Ideally the winter coat you purchase should be long enough to cover your behind, but if it extends down to your mid-thighs or further, that’s even better. After all, your torso isn’t the only part of your body that needs to be protected. The longer your coat, the less you’ll have to worry about layering your pants! You should also try to pick a winter jacket that’s waterproof, for the dreaded wet-snow days. Of course making sure your winter coat has a hood as well will help you stay as warm as possible, but if you’ve already got an amazing hat, then you can live without a hood.

Consider investing in a winter jacket from The North Face with discounts and cash back benefits available when you use Piggy.

6. Leggings

If you’re planning to spend a longer period of time outdoors, adding an extra layer under your pants can help ensure you stay extra warm. To make this easy for you all winter long, consider investing in a good pair of leggings. A good pair of leggings won’t be found in the workout clothes departmennt, these are meant to keep you cool, or the undergarments department, these are meant to be “barely there” which means they will be basically see through, tight-like layers. Get yourself a pair of fleece-lined leggings that can be worn as a second layer, or even on their own and still keep your bottom half nice and toasty.

7. Faux Fur Throw Blanket


While not necessarily clothing, a faux fur throw blanket is still a cold weather must have that you’ll be grateful to have handy at home. Whenever you feel the need to get cozy, it’s great to have a faux fur throw blanket at your fingertips. Plus, it can add an element of design in your home at the same time; it’s function and beauty all in one!

Get a bunch of throw blankets at amazing prices at Walmart, any time of year, and you’ll be all prepped and ready to go with this cold weather must have.

8. Electric Heating Blanket

Take your cold weather blanket to the next level with one that heats up! While electric heating blankets are nothing new, the models they have on the market today are much more sophisticated, and even include controls that allow you to heat the blanket to whatever temperature you like.

9. Slippers

slippers by a fire

Walking around the house without shoes on during the winter months can leave your toes chilly, no matter what temperature you usually have tour heating set at. To keep your feet warm all winter long, buy a comfortable pair of slippers you can wear around the house daily.

Check out all kinds of slipper deals from Groupon, whether you’re searching for a bargain or a name brand slipper at a discount.

10. Long Fuzzy Robe

Whether you’re just jumping out of bed from a restful sleep, getting out of the shower, or just chilling around the house on a lazy Sunday, a fuzzy robe can be the perfect attire to keep you comfy and warm at the same time. One of the most versatile cold weather essentials, a fuzzy robe will make you feel like it’s okay to basically be wearing a blanket all winter.

11. Winter Scented Candles

winter necessities

Yes, these can definitely be considered a cold weather essential! Maximize the winter coziness in your home with some wonderfully scented candles that are reminiscent of the cold months. Winter season scents, including pine trees, vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon, and even freshly-baked cookies, can add a little extra warmth to your house and help keep the winter blues away too!

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12. Cozy (Colorful) Scarf

Now that you’ve got your head covered, what about your neck and face? A warm, thick scarf is the perfect accessory to make sure any gaps between your coat and your hat are covered up, keeping you nice and cozy. When you realize the dark, dull, colorless winter weather all around you, you’ll understand why choosing a scarf in a cheerful, bright color can be a great way to ward off the winter blues.

Stay Warm & Save Money on These Winter Necessities

Let’s face it: winter can be very uncomfortable if you don’t know what clothes to buy for cold weather and end up not dressed properly. That’s why it’s so important to dress according to the weather, and that means gathering up these cold weather must haves to keep you warm all the time, no matter what the outside temperature happens to be. Luckily with the discount and cash back offers available when you use Piggy, you can shop for all these cold weather essentials and still keep some money in your pocket for your spring wardrobe too.

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