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Create Your Own 2019 Calendar with Your Favorite Moments



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It’s nearly impossible to remember all the little dates and events that occur throughout the year. No matter how strong your memory may be, remembering tiny details can be a huge feat.

That’s why calendars can come in extremely handy. And with a personalized photo calendar, you can make remembering important dates that much easier—and fun!

Here are some great hints to create your own personalized photo calendar and save money doing so.

Why Do We Take Pictures?

To some people, taking photos is just a fun pastime. But for many others, photos area digital diary that allows them to capture a special moment in time that they can keep and look back on to hold memories dear. Cameras allow users to capture everything around them and hold all the simple pleasures that they enjoy close to their hearts.

Some of the main reasons why people take pictures:

  • To remember moments of joy – Time goes by so quickly, making it more difficult to remember special occasions. Cameras help to hold on to such special times.
  • To see and learn – You can only see so much with one look so looking at photos gives you an opportunity to see things that you may not have noticed in that particular moment.
  • A picture says 1,000 words – Certain images can take you back to a different place and time, telling you a story even through the simplest images.

Why Create a Personalized Photo Calendar?

The new year offers a great opportunity to start anew, and that includes getting things organized and preparing for events to come throughout the upcoming months. A calendar provides the perfect way to start 2019 off on the right foot and write everything down in preparation of the new year.

Calendars are certainly nothing new, but they’re still highly useful, even in our digital world when smartphones and tablets are increasingly used to send us reminders of upcoming events.

And there’s something classic and timeless about a traditional paper-based calendar that a virtual calendar simply cannot offer. Having something out on display that you can glance at every so often can help keep you on track and stick to resolution plans.

Without a calendar, keeping up with events can prove to be a challenge. Adding special occasion dates to your personalized photo calendar can help you stay on top of events, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and many others. Special event tip: add a photo of the person with their associated birthday/event in each respective month.

How to Make a Personalized Photo Calendar

Now that you know why a personalized photo calendar can be useful, how exactly do you go about creating one that suits your needs?

Choose a photo calendar service – There are plenty of photo calendar services available, with some being more expensive than others. Walmart Photo is a great option because it offers an easy-to-use online platform to create your calendar and is typically one of the more affordable choices for these types of services. So, if you’re looking to create an awesome photo calendar for a great price, Walmart Photo may be your best option.

Choose all your digital images – Selecting all your digital photos before you start creating your calendar is the first thing you need to do. Name the files something easily recognizable that will help you reference what the photos are, then group them into a single folder.

The photos you choose can be from anything you desire, from traditional images to family mementos, to children’s artwork. They can also be images that were not originally taken on a digital camera and can be scanned to upload them to be digitally accessible.

Choose high-definition images – Many online calendar-creating sites require high-definition photos and will tell you when the image resolution is not good enough. Plus, you’ll typically get better results with higher-resolution images when your calendar is complete.

Prepare your photos – Try to make all images of similar size and color scheme by making the necessary adjustments using a photo editing source. Choose photos that have bright accents that can be easily paired with coordinating vibrant backdrops and look for patterns that go well against such backgrounds.

Sort and organize your pictures by season – Being organized when creating your personalized photo calendar will streamline the process. Since you’ll be placing photos in different months of the calendar, it only makes sense to have your images organized according to their season, such as images of winter ski trips, spring flower patches, summer pool parties, and changing autumn leaves.

Create your calendar – Once you’ve selected all your images and have prepared them accordingly, the fun begins! Now it’s time to start creating your calendar, which includes choosing the size and layout. In terms of size, consider where you will be keeping the calendar and how you will be using it.

Personalize your calendar – Design your calendar with the images that best depict your memories throughout the years and what you’d most like to remember. You can add in personal dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other significant events to further personalize your calendar and make each memory even more vivid.

Complete your calendar – Add any finishing touches that you may like, such as borders around photos or glossy versus matte finishes on your pages. Once you’ve reviewed your calendar, you can have it printed for you to enjoy year-round!

Final Thoughts

Having a personalized photo calendar can not only help keep you organized, but it can also help you remember the more important dates associated with events and people in your life. Besides, they’re fun to peruse and marvel at, especially when you reflect on happy times. To get started creating yours, be sure to visit Walmart Photo to save a bundle while making something you can use as a gift to others or yourself!

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