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Earn Extra $$$ With These Dining Hacks



Raise your hands, all you foodies! If food is life for you, you also know that dining isn’t always that kind on your pocket. You might notice, after the end of a month, that all your money just went to trying out new restaurants. Good food isn’t exactly cheap because ingredients don’t come cheap, and a chef’s expertise needs to be compensated well. What to do if food is life for you but your wallet isn’t happy anymore about all your gastronomic escapades, then?

The answer to that question: Still enjoy satisyfing your tastebuds! How? Read on to learn hacks that will make each and every dining experience satisfying not just for your palate, but for your bank account:

Order appetizers as your main dish.

Or split up main entrees since they usually come in big servings. Most restaurants have sumptuous appetizers that can make your tummy as happy as main dishes can. But they’re cheaper!

When on a cruise or staying in a hotel, take advantage of amenities.

Pop in some fruits from the breakfast buffet in your bag, or recycle that water bottle by filling it with water from the hotel room. On-shore stores are often pricey so better be equipped with some drinks and snacks so you don’t impulse buy.

Make the most out of that reservation.

Try booking through, a website which gives you rewards points for every reservation. No meal will ever be wasted as you get to milk those pricey dinners for what they’re worth with this bonus.

Opt for “to go.”

Save on extra charges if you take your order home or back to the office. You will also get to avoid wasting leftovers because instead of leaving the waiters to clean it up, you would find yourself storing them in your freezer for reheating some other day.

Two words: Social media.

Follow your fave restaurants to get first dibs on deals. Even better, impress them with your photography skills and who knows, they might reward you with a free meal just for posting photos on Instagram?


Have dining hacks of your own? We’d love to hear them, sound off in the comments section below.



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