“Just have one.”

“But it’s the holidays!”

“Let go just for today.”

The holiday season alerts the alarm bells of any health-conscientious person. Greasy meals, cakes with mountainous frosting, cocktails—you name it. Making good life choices is tough! However, with three mindful eating (and drinking) practices and awareness of seasonal decadence, we can come out of the holiday season as fit as we go in!

01. Stay balanced on the regular. 

When not at a party, maintain healthful habits with regular exercise and balanced, plant-focused meals. Stock up on healthy, quick-prep grocery items, so you can eat healthfully and enjoy all the festivities knowing you have a balanced diet.

02. Offer a healthy addition.

Don’t feel guilty about indulging in the season’s festivities. Instead, replace one to two meals a day with delicious and nutritious Skinny Shake® Weight Loss Shake or Skinny Smoothie™ Plant-based Weight Loss Shake to stay healthy, guilt-free, and trim. Good news is you can buy them for less at Piggy and earn 10% cash back.

03. Stay hydrated throughout the day.

It’s difficult to know the difference between hunger and thirst. Keep yourself quenched all day long to prevent yourself from downing a cocktail as soon as you arrive.

Pre-party preparations, smart drink choices, and portion control will help you enjoy holiday foods without overdoing it.


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