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Eating Healthy On a Tight Budget




“How can I eat healthy on a budget?” A question I received from quite a number of people. Well, let me tell you that it is very possible. I am just like most of you, as I am living on a budget myself.

In today’s age, we are fond of ready made/ready-to-eat products because they are oddly cheaper and convenient! Organic? Too pricey. But, never say never. You might need to do a little bit more planning, and research, but with all these work, it’ll all be worth it. You will be able to live healthy and lose weight if that’s your goal. I’m going to share with you tips on how to eat healthy on a tight budget.

Forget about brands!

Foods like Rice, pasta, frozen veggies, all taste the same whether it’s branded or not. A friend once told me that supermarkets place their most profitable products within your eye level. So if the product is targeted to you, it will usually be around the middle shelves. Value range products with less fancy packaging are always placed at the bottom.

Grow your own.

Don’t buy too much food outside your home. When you prepare your food at home, you’re able to see what you put in and what your cooking it with. You can make your own compost pit by cultivating your soil to plant in. You could try digging a hole in your backyard and put your rotten stuff in it. It’s cheaper than frozen foods. Give it a go!

Eat before you go out.

If you know you’re going to have an engagement with some friends, eat something at home. That way, you’re less likely to overeat when you’re out and pay more money. Take things like nuts, fruits and snack crackers with you in your bag. This will make you feel less hungry when you’re out.

Make a list. 

Stop buying food on an impulse. Only allow that list to go about two weeks worth of food. Know exactly what you’re going to get and get out of there. Don’t stick around looking for stuff that “oh, maybe I can try this!” Anything that’s not on your list, don’t leave the store with it. Another tip is to not take people with you because you’re going to be tempted to buy what they had.

Know what to buy in large quantities.

If you used to buy four apples, and usually two of them go bad, buy only two. I suggest buying garlic, ginger, onion, flour, herbs and spices, and organic cooking oil in large quantities instead, since they have a longer shelf life. It’ll be a waste of money if we have them rot, don’t you agree?

Buy everything from one to two places.

We shop at like 12 different stores to find that one bargain. Let me stop you right there. Time is money. Gas is money. Find two places that you like to shop and that has everything you need. My favorite would be Wal-Mart, as I can just shop fresh groceries online then have it pick up that same day! I even got a rebate with my Piggy coupon. What a deal!

Buy discounted meats.

I usually go into the fish market area, and buy the meat that just went on sale like tuna steaks or salmon. I end up paying only half the price they were when they were fresh, and it was only hours before. Ask the person behind the counter when they usually put out their fresh meat and what are the ones that is often on sale.

Buy cheaper protein.

We need proteins in order to burn fat and build muscle. The more proteins you have, the more fat you can burn. Save the expensive steak and lobster later or for special occasion. You can buy eggs, milk, tuna, frozen chicken breast or chicken thighs, and cottage cheese. You’ll build up the grams of protein that you need per day to build muscle and burn fat. I suggest buying Skinnyco’s meal replacement weight loss shakes as they are packed with protein, fiber, and high-quality ingredients to keep you feeling fuller, longer. To help you get started on your weight loss adventure, SkinnyCo is offering Piggy customers an additional 40% off their already discounted Starter Kits (Skinny Shake® Weight Loss Shake Starter Kit or vegan Skinny Smoothie™ Plant-Based Mixed Berry Smoothie Starter Kit)! Why wait? Get yours now!

I know that they are so many things out there that you can do to save money on a budget while eating healthy. Tell me some of the things you’re doing down below. Let me know where you’re shopping and where you find the best deals. What is the best way for you to save money and live healthy?

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