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The average American family spends nearly $500 on toys for each child per year. But that’s only the average, so many families spend even more than that, making it a significant part of the monthly household budget. If you feel like you’re constantly buying toys for your kids, it might be time to steer your kids toward educational toys to help you kill two birds with one stone, entertainment and education. Kids educational toys aren’t always cheap, but if you download the Piggy chrome extension then you can find amazing discounts and coupons on the best educational toys all year round

Here are seven educational toys for children that will benefit your kids in more ways than one, AND where to get them for the best prices:

1. Tablets

little boy on a tablet

Screen time can be great for growing minds, within reason, especially if you choose a tablet loaded with games that teach math and reading skills! Avoid tablets that allow kids to access the internet so you can be sure whenever your kids are using their tablet they’re actively learning (not surfing Google or browsing random YouTube videos with no educational value).

We recommend you look out for the Fisher Price Learning Tablet, which is chalk full of educational opportunities for your children.

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2. Art Sets

kids art set

Creating works of art helps kids build fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Research also shows that kids who are involved in the arts are more likely to be academic achievers than kids who aren’t. Sounds like an art set might just be the best education toy you could buy!

We recommend the Art 101 Jr. Artist Set, which has over 150 pieces included in an easy to carry case.

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3. Engineering Kits

child playing with legos

Encourage your kids to love math and science from an early age by bringing home a kid-friendly engineering kit, which will allow them to build their own creations out of simple objects. This is the perfect educational toy for any child who has already said they want to be an engineer when  they grow up!

We recommend the GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survival Kit, which is filled with nearly 200 pieces for your children to build with.

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4. Magnet Blocks

boy playing with magnet blocks

Great educational toys for toddlers and preschoolers, magnet blocks are like a stepping stone to engineering toys. Magnet blocks can help kids learn about angles and shapes, practice problem solving, and develop their motor skills.

We recommend the Magformers Magnets in Motion, which includes 32 pieces for your child to play with.

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5. Book Creators

child coloring in a book

Some kids think of books as boring things their teachers make them read, but you can show them just how much fun books can be by helping them create their own.

We recommend you get the Illustory, Make Your Own Book! Kit for your child to give them the chance to make their very first book!

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6. Music Makers

baby playing with musical instruments

Like art supplies, music focused children’s educational toys encourage creativity and motor skill development. They might be loud, but music toys are always a hit with kids. If you want to raise the next Beethoven, instruments are essential to your child’s musical talent development!

We recommend B. toys Parum Pum Pum, which includes a kid-friendly drum and plenty of smaller instruments that fit conveniently inside the drum.

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7. Coding Teachers

stem toy

Coding is one of the most important skills you can give your kids to help them succeed in the future. Get them started down the path with toys that teach them how to program and problem-solve.

We recommend Learning Resources’ STEM Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set, which comes with a programmable mouse and coding cards to make custom paths for the mouse to follow.

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Educational Toys Bring Learning Outside the Classroom!

Help your kids prepare for lifelong success with educational toys to suit their unique interests, dreams, and favorite activities. You’ll feel great knowing your kids are having fun AND building their skills at the same time when they’re playing with the best educational toys.

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