It’s actually good to feel a little fear. It can give you an extra shot of energy to dazzle if you’re performing or ace an exam if you have been dreading. Make the most of a fearful situation and come out a stronger you!

1.Be open to failure. What is embarrassment really? It’s what you feel when people see you fail at something. But if you’re open to the possibility of things not going perfectly as planned, you won’t be as horrified if something bad does happen.

2. Be prepared. It’s good to be ready for failure, but not to aim for it. Psych yourself up for whatever it is you’re about to do: meet new people, speak in front of class, or perform. Think of all the possible outcomes, get ready for the worst, and strive for the best.

3. Build your confidence! Practicing is one good option. The more you practice, the better you get. You can’t expect to be an expert ballerina if you’ve only been dancing for a year. The next step? Find your cheerleaders. Ask for their hugs, words of encouragement, and physical presence. When you see how much they love and support you, you will believe in yourself too!

4. Learn from your mistakes. The confident girl knows that when she fell on her butt and cried, she didn’t feel good about herself. So she decided to try a different approach and laugh it off the next time. And guess what? It worked. If something bad happens, think about what you can learn from it then do it!

5. Don’t Panic. If you forgot the words to a song you’re singing in front of class, don’t freak out. Take deep breaths and try to relax. The words will not come back to you if you’re hyperventilating. They will if you try again or calm yourself down.

6. Forgive yourself. Sometimes your biggest critic is yourself. If you do fail the dance move you’d been perfecting for over a month, don’t put yourself down. Treat yourself with kindness when you do slip up and learn to move on.

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