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Everyone likes to be appreciated, and that includes employees. Even though workers are being paid to perform at work, it’s still nice for them to get some extra recognition for the work being done, especially when they go above and beyond what they’re called to do. Studies have even found that workplaces that celebrate the accolades of staff tend to enjoy a more positive and productive workplace. Employees who feel appreciated tend to be more engaged and feel more satisfied at work, which helps to keep employee retention rates and productivity levels high.

There are plenty of ways that leaders can show their appreciation to employees at the office, and buying employee appreciation gifts is one of them. After all, who doesn’t love to get a surprise gift from time to time? And don’t worry, inexpensive employee appreciation gifts can mean just as much as expensive ones, so you can still buy something special on a small budget.

Employee Appreciation Day lands on March 5th, 2021, so now is the perfect opportunity to do some research on employee appreciation day gifts to make sure you’re prepared in advance. With a little thought and effort, you can give your employees a gift they’ll truly appreciate.

Here are our best employee appreciation gift ideas to help you buy the best appreciation gifts for employees any time of year:

Employee Appreciation Gifts That Can Increase Efficiency & Productivity


Always try to pay attention to the needs of your employees, this is a huge way of showing them how much you care. Paying a little closer attention to what your employees need to make their day to day work more efficient can also help you come up with great employee appreciation gift ideas too. Making an effort to ensure their time spent in the office is more enjoyable and even more productive will reap benefits for everyone involved.

Have you been hearing whispers that the chairs should be replaced with something more ergonomic? Do employees seem to be looking for more greenery in the office? Has it ever seemed like they would appreciate additional mileage for their company vehicles?

Whatever the specific needs of your employees are, they’ve most likely been discussing it amongst themselves for months (or even years!). While some requests might seem over-the-top, others might make sense and be ideal inexpensive employee appreciation gifts. If you’ve been made aware of employees’ desire for certain items in the workplace that have to do with any potential for heightened productivity, then you may want to seriously consider these ideas.

How to Get Productivity-Boosting Gifts on a Budget

If you’re worried the employee appreciation gift ideas they’ve slipped you subconsciously will go against the financial goals of the company, then consider seeking out the best deals on nearly any gift using Piggy. Start searching online for employee appreciation gifts at department stores to find amazing discounts.

You should also consider signing up for a rewards program at your favorite department store, so you can collect points as you shop to be applied to any of your employee appreciation gift purchases later.  Most rewards programs will also give you random discount codes or insider sales throughout the year on top of rewards points too.

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Branded Employee Appreciation Gifts

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There’s nothing wrong with offering gifts that are clearly branded with your company logo (as long as it doesn’t look like branding or making promotional materials is your main goal). Just make sure any branded employee appreciation gifts will be useful to your employees. Things like Bluetooth speakers, blankets, towels, tumblers, mouse pads, and wireless earbuds branded with your company logo are all truly useful appreciation gifts for employees. If the gift you choose can be useful in their personal life, not just their professional life, then it will really show your employees that your gift isn’t just something you planned on giving employees for work purposes anyway.

How to Get Branded Gifts on a Budget

You don’t have to have branded gifts manufactured at high costs to make them appreciated. You can literally take any regular product and transform it into something special by branding it with a simple logo sticker or decal. There are dozens of online stores that you can shop at to create custom employee appreciation gifts on a budget.

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Coffee-Themed Appreciation Gifts For Employees

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You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t crave their daily cup of joe every morning before they start work or first thing to start the day. The majority of people love a good cup of coffee, so anything you can do to help your employees enjoy their coffee even more will likely be a welcomed employee appreciation gift.

There are plenty of coffee-themed appreciation gifts for employees for you to choose from, so finding this type of gift should be super easy no matter where you decide to shop. You can do something as simple as coffee mugs or containers of premium coffee blends. If you want your employee appreciation gifts to be a bit more elaborate than go for a coffee bean roaster, grinder, coffee maker, or even an espresso machine for the office! If all else fails, buy your employees gift cards to the local coffee shop or Starbucks. You can’t go wrong with free coffee!

How to Get Coffee-Themed Gifts on a Budget

Consider buying coffee in bulk and repackaging it in individual bags for each employee to add a personal touch to your employee appreciation gifts, while saving money on the typically lower bulk coffee pricing. There are plenty of different coffee beans to choose from to fit any budget, but just make sure you’re not buying coffee beans you wouldn’t drink yourself!

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Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts

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While there are plenty of tangible gifts that you can buy at a department store to shower your employees with and make them feel valued and appreciated, there are other ways to show how you feel about your staff.

Consider gifting your staff with things such as a half day off work for them to spend doing something other than reporting for duty, or even a catered meal so they don’t have to spend time worrying about bringing in their lunch one day. Or, make a donation in their names to a charity organization that they hold dear to their hearts.

You might even want to extend an invitation to a company event; including employees in events that they would not normally be a part of can make them feel valued. You could even spend half a day volunteering somewhere while representing the company at the same time. Giving back is an incredibly meaningful employee appreciation gift. Workers typically enjoy anything that has to do with company culture, and involving them can do wonders for morale.

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Ready to Show Your Appreciation For Your Employees?

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Buying appreciation gifts for employees can definitely be an expensive endeavor, but now you know it doesn’t have to be! With these employee appreciation gift ideas, you can shower your employees with appreciation without having to spend a bundle. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, there’s no reason why you can’t go shopping for inexpensive employee appreciation gifts and still accomplish your goals.

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