15 Deals on Fall Day Trips & Fall Activities




How was the summer for you? You might think you’ve maxed out on traveling after all your summer trips, primarily because you’ve maxed out your budget. Truth be told, though, there’s no such thing as being over traveled! Traveling enriches you in more ways than one, and the experiences you gain while traveling will never be taken away from you. Traveling is like investing in yourself. What you may not realize is, you don’t actually have to shell out tons of cash just to take a trip. This fall, you can go on fun day trips for a fraction of the price with amazing deals and discounts from Piggy‘s partners. Not to mention, you’ll get cash back on your purchase, too!

If you’re not sure what to do when you’re bored in fall, here are some of the best fall day trips and fall activities for families that will allow you to save big time without missing out on any fun!


Car Rental Discounts

Fall is the perfect time to plan a road trip for cheap! Whether you want to explore a nearby town or just spend time outdoors in general, renting a car and driving to your destination will take your budget the extra mile. 

Here are some of the best deals on rental cars for all your fall day trips:

mother with son on airplane

Flight Deals

Save loads of money on flights to get you straight to your fall activities in no time, and use the money you save to go on more adventures. There’s no reason to pay full price on any flight!

Here are some of the best flight deals for any fall trip you’re planning:

hotel room

Discounted Hotel Stays

Enjoy a staycation with the most important people in your life, or with just yourself, from a big-name luxe hotel or a cozy boutique one. Remember: you don’t have to leave the comfort of your hometown for your fall trip!

Here are some great hotel deals to help you maximize your budget for fall activities:

family walking through field

Cheap Outdoor Adventures

Try something more daring for a change. Appreciating Mother Earth’s lush and rare gems and one-of-a-kind scenery in exotic areas just got friendlier on the pocket. Some of the best fall activities for families are the ones that take everyone outdoors, where you can soak up the good weather before winter begins.

Here are some amazing outdoor adventures you should consider for your fall trips:

cityscape during autumn

Affordable Tours & Sightseeing

Get swept away by big city lights, historic landmarks, and shopping galore by exploring a new city during your fall trip. There are loads of fall activities you can enjoy in cities across the U.S.

Here are some of the best deals on fall activities in the city:

boy laying in leaves

Take Advantage of Fall Activities While You Still Can!

Everyone dreads the start of winter, which means there is all the more reason to take as many fall day trips as possible and soak up the beauty of fall while can. Fall activities for families are built for bonding and making memories, and can help kids adjust to back to school season more easily.

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