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My Favorite Magazines to Date



Today, I want to show you some of my favorite magazines ever. I love magazines. I probably read more magazines than I actually read books. Their article are just short and snappy. The world of magazines is vast, so I thought it’d be cool to show you some copies that I have. Keep reading ’til the end to find out where to buy these magazines.

First off is Suitcase.

A lot of you have probably heard of this magazine before. I like it because it’s a little bit smaller than a normal sized magazine. On second thought, maybe that’s why they call it suitcase because it can fit in your suitcase. The magazine can share a lot about travel, fashion, beauty and many more. It’s quite an inspirational all-rounder magazine which is what I really want.

Next is the gentlewoman.

This magazine is for the beautiful modern woman. What’s great about this is that everything is so curated. All of the store advertisements are just exactly what I want to look at. They have many interviews with people and I am just amazed at how they lay things out. Sleek and simple. If you have a lazy Sunday and you’re a modern woman, this magazine is for you.

So It Goes.

Main reason I bought it is because the first time I saw it, it has Dean Strang on the front. Hubba-hubba! I love you, Dean. I have heard of this magazine vaguely, but I remember it has something to do with the creative agencies magazine. I could be completely making that up, but I’m pretty sure someone once told me that information. Paging through though, there’s a lot of fashion photography.

Lucky Peach.

My friend told me to buy this as it is a magazine by the same guy who created Momofuku and Milk Bar in New York – which is cool because I love those places. I like reading about food, but I am more interested in reading about people who like food. it makes me curious why people take such an interest in food. This magazine is about food culture in itself rather than just a magazine filled with recipes. Too bad they had called it quits after 23 issues.

Lula Magazine.

This has a similar vibe to the gentlewoman, but slightly quirkierIf you sort of like weirder clothes and you’re more into taking risks, I feel like Lula is the magazine for you. It has gorgeous imagery as well. Simply beautiful.

I love interior magazines. Imagine my excitement when I saw this one called Open House.

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Saw a beautiful photo of a kitchen as its cover and I was completely sold. I always think that a space can say a lot about what a person is and what they stand for. You can also read interviews of people and their spaces.

I’m not a magazine expert. I just love reading them. I like the experience of exploring magazines and finding out how each of them looks and talks to me. is the only place I use to get unlimited access to the world’s best magazines. Save up to 82% on everything from Bon Appétit, People, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Time, Vogue and so much more.

Leave comments down below if you want more of these magazine hauls from me!

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