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For those of us shopping online now more than ever, figuring out how to always find the best price online has become a hobby. Everyone wants to find the best price for anything they’re buying, but when you’re shopping online the world is literally at your fingertips so the pressure is truly on to find the best price. Luckily, there are dozens of personal finance, online shopping extraordinaires out there just waiting to share their shopping secrets with you. The good news is, we already did the hard work for you, so you can find the best price online shopping without doing all the research yourself.

Check out the best tips for finding the best price online below, brought to you by some of the best personal finance bloggers we could find, so you can ensure every online shopping experience results in an award-worthy deal. And don’t forget to download our Mobile app to automate your savings!

13 Ways to Find the Best Price Online Shopping

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Get an Amazon Price Tracker

“I am an avid Amazon shopper, and one tool I cannot recommend enough of for finding the best prices on Amazon is camelcamelcamel. It is a free Amazon price tracker that monitors millions of products and sends you an email alert when your selected product goes on sale at or below your desired price level. It also offers price history for products, which helps you anticipate when the next sale is likely going to be and plan for it.” – Bella Wanana

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Automate Your Search for Coupons

“My top tip for finding the best price online is to search for coupon codes. Simply search for the product name + “coupon code” in your favorite search engine and see what comes up. If you’re short on time, use a tool like Piggy.

Piggy is a free browser extension that automatically finds and applies all known coupon codes for that shopping site to help you save the most money when shopping online. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to save money, this can be a great option.” – Eden Ashley, Mint Notion

Plan Ahead for Online Shopping

“If you have a major online shopping trip coming up, one of the easiest ways to save money is to give yourself more time to buy. There’s an incredible number of ways to find online deals. Shopping browser extensions, like Piggy, make it easy to earn cash back, and retailers themselves offer their own rotating deals and discounts. The longer of a runway you have to shop, the higher chance you can cherry-pick and shop during a sale period. Ultimately, if you’re a rushed shopper, you lack choices. Give yourself more time to shop for a less stressful and potentially more frugal shopping experience the next time you buy online.” – Tom Blake, This Online World

Learn Ways to Find the Best Deals for Online Shopping

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Let Stores Work For Your Business

You can also take your planning one step further by making online retailers work for your business! “If you add products to your cart and let them sit for several days or weeks, many retailers often send email coupons to incentivize you to complete your purchase. This simple trick can save you 10%, or more oftentimes, but you need to wait at least a few days for potential coupons to come in.” – Tom Blake, This Online World

Sign Up for Email Newsletters

Speaking of emails with coupons that can help you get the best price online, “most companies will give you a discount code when you sign up to their email list, and may even offer a freebie for your birthday, too. You will also know when things are on sale, so you can get the best price online and save even more!” – Amanda Kay, My Life, I Guess

Fool Your Browser

“Another useful trick that is simple to implement is to combat dynamic pricing. Before I make an online purchase, I clear my browsing history and cookies, sign out of my social media accounts, and switch to incognito mode. This way, I can minimize the chances of retailers hiking up the prices based on factors like where I live and my search history.” – Bella Wanana

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Use Competitors (& Cash Back Credit Cards!) to Your Advantage

“We recommend waiting a few days from your initial product search to actually make your purchase. Look for the item you want on multiple sites, if it’s not exclusive to one. Add it to your shopping cart on each — but don’t complete the purchase. Go about your business for a few days and there’s a good chance you’ll receive an email from at least one of the retail sites (and probably more) inviting you to return to complete your purchase, potentially at a lower price than the first time around (they want your business, after all). Choose the lowest price after accounting for shipping and tax, then use a cash back credit card to further reduce your net out of pocket spend.” – Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers

Maximize Cash Back Apps

“One of the best ways to get the price price online is to take advantage of cash back apps. These are browser extensions that you can download. When you are shopping, you can activate these extensions and will typically earn 1-10% cash back just from shopping. If you combine this with credit cards that ofter travel rewards, you’ll essentially always gets a discount on everything you buy online.” – Kevin Ha, Financial Panther

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Look Beyond Brand New Products

Don’t be afraid to look for used or refurbished items if you’re trying to find the best price online shopping. “The last computer I bought was an ‘open box’ which means it had been opened and returned shortly after. It’s in perfect condition, but I saved a couple hundred bucks just because it was opened. If I’m buying a book, I always try to buy a used copy on eBay. – Zina Kumok, money coach at

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Combine Coupons for the Win

“Finding the best price online is all about finding the best coupons. Any time you find a marked down product, you can “stack” on additional coupons to save even more money. Coupons are all electronic (and even automated) these days, so ensure you are using the best platforms that will find the best price online for you. You’ll end up saving money on auto-pilot.” – Kyle Kroeger, Financial Wolves

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Take Advantage of Holiday Sales & Deals

“In addition to using shopping portals like Piggy for automatic coupons, waiting to purchase items until right before a holiday can really pay off. Most companies offer additional savings around every holiday, so if the item is not something you need right away it can pay to wait. I like to check the websites of my favorite brands for new discounts as the holidays approach. For the items I buy repeatedly, I try to stock up when I can stack the savings with both coupons and extra discounts around the holidays.” – Kathy, Baby Boomer Super Saver

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Don’t Get Fooled by the “Lowest Price” Starting Price

“Remember that the lowest price at face value may not actually be the lowest price you can get. If an item is $45 on one website and $50 on another, but you can find a 20% off coupon for the second site, you’re getting a better deal buying the one that appeared more expensive at first. Also, factor in the money you can earn by shopping through cash back at each store.” – Kate, DollarSanity

Always, Always Comparison Shop

“Don’t assume Amazon always has the lowest price. It pays to comparison shop! Before I buy anything online, I try to find the same product on at least 2-3 different websites just to make sure I am finding the lowest price available. It only takes a few extra seconds, but over the course of your entire online shopping ‘career’, the savings really do add up.” – Jeff Proctor, DollarSprout

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Time to Start Shopping for the Best Price Online!

When you find the best price online, you’ll feel like jumping for joy, giving someone a high five, or calling your Mom to make her proud. Armed with these tips to find the best price online for basically anything, you’ll be spending less and saving more in no time. Don’t worry about everything else, you’ll get your personal finance under control, because we’re always here for you with expert personal finance advice! It’s never too late to change your shopping habits and start getting the best price online shopping every single time, so don’t waste any more time searching to find best prices on everything you need and want.

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